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Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant (ROAG)

Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant  (ROAG)

The ROAG is a brand new grant available to ultra distance cyclists in Ontario!

Our longtime community collaborators - Randonneurs Ontario have secured funding to help grow their sport! Please Click the linked text below to go directly to their Grant application page.

"The Randonneurs Ontario Access Grant is designed to reduce barriers to the ultra-distance riding community. This access grant is for someone from a group under-represented in the ultra-distance riding community that would have otherwise not been able to participate in Randonneurs Ontario events." 

A huge thanks is in order to the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Culture and Ontario Cycling for their support in this grant.

 Urbane is excited to help promote the ROAG and hope you share this funding opportunity with a passionate cyclist in your life that could use some help. We sat down with Erin Marchak, the Vice President of the Toronto Chapter of Randonneurs Ontario to learn a bit more about Randonneuring, and this new grant! 


Also Erin has a SUPER cool custom Handmade CANADIAN custom Schon Studios bike that we did a little Bike Check of too! 

We hope to see one of our awesome customers ripping in one of their upcoming brevets! 





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