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Fender Parts

Velo Orange Fender Stay Set Black

Replacement fender stays for Velo Orange Fenders.
Unit price: C$18.00 /

Velo Orange fender Stay Set Silver

Replacement 5mm stay kits for Velo Orange Fenders
Unit price: C$36.00 /

Axiom Axle-Runners [C15]

No eyelets no problem! Mount fenders to quick release bikes ..
Unit price: C$29.00 /

Velo Orange Fender R-clip, 4-pack

Replacement parts for Velo Orange fenders
Unit price: C$21.00 /

SKS Fender Clip

Replacement clip for attaching fenders to a bridge stay
Unit price: C$4.00 /

Velo Orange Fender Eyelet Bolts Pair: 5mm Closed-type

Replacement eyelet bolts for Velo Orange and some Honjo fend..
C$18.00 C$13.00
Unit price: C$13.00 /

SKS ESC Breakaway Fender Safety Mount (for Speedrocker, Veloflexx and Bluemels) - single

Small Parts to keep your SKS fenders on your bike!
Unit price: C$4.00 /

Velo Orange Fender Adapter Mount No Eyelets

No eyelets, no problem! Mount fenders to bikes without eyele..
Unit price: C$21.00 /

Velo Orange Rubberized Clamps single

Good for attaching fenders or upper rack stays to bikes with..
C$3.25 C$2.76
Unit price: C$2.76 /

SKS V-Stay Kit + EyeBolts for Chromoplastic Fenders (Longboard and P-Series)

Replacement stays for SKS chromoplastic fenders
Unit price: C$39.00 /

Velo Orange Daruma Fork Crown Eyebolt [C13]

Clean mounting option for front fenders!
Unit price: C$17.00 /

Axiom Framerunner Kit for mounting fenders to frame without eyelets (Set of 4)

Mount fenders to a bike without eyelets! Stay dry and Clean!
Unit price: C$45.00 /

Problem Solvers Sheldon Fender Nuts Set, includes 13mm Front and 10mm Rear [G3]

Fender mounting parts conceptualized by none other than the ..
Unit price: C$26.00 /

SKS Fender Breakaway Security Clip (Pair)

SKS Fender repair and replacement parts for front fenders li..
Unit price: C$18.00 /

Velo Orange Sliding Fender Bracket

This stainless steel fender bridge is bent around the fender..
Unit price: C$18.00 /

Velo Orange Spring Thing Fender Adapter for Horizontal Dropouts

Neat add-on to adjust fender line on bikes with adjustable o..
Unit price: C$14.00 /
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