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Brake Pads

Shimano B01S/B03S/B05S Disc brake pads Resin [S2]

Shimano's most common pad shape for dual piston brakes.

Kool Stop Eagle 2 Post Type Cantilever Pad

These Kool Stop pads are the go-to for post mount cantilever..

Shimano BR-5800 R55C4 Cartridge Brake Pads Black

Shimano 105-level cartridge brake pads for caliper brakes

Kool Stop Thinline V-Brake Pads

Best option for V-brake equipped bikes with narrow tire clea..

Kool Stop Continental Urban Brake Pads Steel Rim Salmon

The best option for any bike with steel rims! Actually slow ..

Jagwire Disc Brake Pads - Hayes CX5, MX5, MX4, MX3, MX2, Sole Semi-Metallic [D6]

Replacement brake pads for Hayes CX, MX, and So1e brakes!

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads - Avid BB5 and Promax KS-D280 Semi-Metallic

A name you can break on! Kool Stop supplies top quality repl..

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads - KS-D620 - Shimano B01S shape Semi-Metallic

A great replacement option for your Shimano, TRP or Tektro b..

Jagwire Road Sport-S Brake Pad

Great price and great performance to get your road bike stop..

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pad K03S shape resin disc brake pad

Kool Stop is a name you can brake on! Their aftermarket pads..

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads D175 Dual Piston Magura MT5

Great Replacement Brake Pads for your Magura MT5 brakes on y..

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads - DS-620S - Shimano B-Type B01S Metallic Sintered [S2]

The best option for E-bike users who demand peak stopping po..

Jagwire Switchback V-Brake Cartridge Brake Pads Black

Jagwire's premium Pro All-Weather compound for the perfect b..

Kool Stop Campy 2000 Road Pad Holder & Pad Set

The Campi 2000 Road pad is a forged aluminum holder that hou..

Jagwire Road Brake Pads Black

The most economical option for getting your road bike stoppe..

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads - Avid Juicy 5/7 & BB7 Semi-Metallic [S2]

Kool-Stop disc brake pads designed for use with Avid/SRAM di..

Shimano L05A Resin Disc Brake Pad Finned (for all Shimano Flat Mount Calipers)

The highest performance brake pads for your Shimano hydrauli..

Galfer E-Bike Disc Brake Pad

The Galfer USA E-Bike specific compound was formulated to de..

Galfer Road Disc Brake Pad

The Road G1455 is a new brake pad compound specifically deve..
C$44.00 C$38.00

Kool-Stop Shimano Semi-Metallic KS-D635 Disc Brake Pads G03A/G03S shape M9000/M8000 [S2]

*New pad shape change, no longer a star shaped head on KS-D6..
Mon-Thurs 10-6 Fri 10-7 and Sat 11-7
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