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Lubes, Grease, Cleaners & Hydraulic Fluid

Pedro's Chainj, Lube, 32oz/ 946ml

Choice of Urbane's service department for general purpose ch..
Unit price: C$58.00 /

Shimano Internal Hub Grease 100g [K1]

Shimano branded internal hub grease that should be used when..
Unit price: C$30.00 /

Pedro's Green Fizz

A no-rinse wash for keeping your bike detailed and clean. Es..
Unit price: C$31.00 /

Stan's NoTubes Pre-mixed Sealant

The first name in tubeless! Often imitated but never duplica..
Unit price: C$8.00 /

Finish Line Chain Lube

Regularly lubricating your bike chain helps keep things runn..
Unit price: C$26.00 /

Finish Line Premium Synthetic Grease 3.5oz Tube

Finish Line's legendary synthetic bicycle grease is formulat..
Unit price: C$20.00 /

White Lightning Crystal Clear Grease, 3.5oz

Crystal Clear. Odorless. Non-Staining. Non-toxic. Biodegrada..
Unit price: C$18.00 /

Tri-Flow Superior Lube 2oz

Light, penetrating and lubricating, Tri-Flow is the go-to fo..
Unit price: C$19.00 /

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner Kit

The third generation of Finishline's easy to use no mess cha..
Unit price: C$66.00 /

Finish Line EcoTech Multi Degreaser 20oz/600ml

Strong and safe! A new technology degreaser that quickly cle..
Unit price: C$28.00 /

Ritchey Liquid Torque Single Packet

Ritchey Liquid Torque is an essential weapon for anyone asse..
Unit price: C$13.00 /

Finish Line Chill Zone

Chill Zone is arguably the industry's most advanced rust-bus..
Unit price: C$28.00 /

Finish Line Dry/Wet 0.65fl oz.

Finish Line brand chain lube, in both wet and dry!
Unit price: C$7.00 /

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil Bike Chain Lube - 4 fl oz, Drip

Tenacious Oil is used for ultimate protection and durability..
Unit price: C$36.00 /

Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner 295ml Aerosol

Finish Line’s Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner is engineered to ..
Unit price: C$20.00 /

Finish Line DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid 4 oz (120 ml) [R1]

Finish Line's DOT Brake Fluid is formulated specifically for..
Unit price: C$20.00 /

Shimano SG-S700 Maintenance Oil for Alfine 11-speed - 50 ml Bottle [K1]

Mineral oil based lubricant specifically for the Alfine 11-s..
Unit price: C$34.00 /

Park Tool GSC-1C Gear Clean Brush

Perfect tool for keeping your drive train shiny and reaching..
Unit price: C$13.00 /

Shimano Roller Brake Grease, 100g [K2]

- Keeps roller brake components working to maximum effici..
Unit price: C$35.00 /

Phil Wood Waterproof Grease 3oz.

The classic green tube of classic green grease.
Unit price: C$34.00 /

Finish Line Citrus Degreaser 12oz/354ml

Super strong and fast, Finish Line Citrus Bike Chain Degreas..
Unit price: C$26.00 /

Finish Line Pedal and Cleat Lube 5Oz/150 ml

Essential for maintaining Speedplay cleats and pedals, or an..
Unit price: C$20.00 /

Silca Synergetic Wet Lube - 2oz

The fastest and possibly quietest oil-based chain lube avail..
Unit price: C$56.00 /

Magura Disc Brake Royal Blood (Hydraulic Mineral Oil), 100ml Bottle

Great option for bleeding your Magura hydraulic brake system..
Unit price: C$25.00 /
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