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Carry it all on the Riese & Müller Load4 75

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Carry it all on the Riese & Müller Load4 75

Get comfort and high capacity on this eCargo superstar from Riese and Müller!

Earlier this year, we announced that we would be Canada’s newest dealer of Riese & Müller bikes, and we’d like to introduce you to a few standout bikes in their catalogue. Today, we’ll be starting with the Load4 75. The Load4 75 is a full suspension, front-loading cargo bike, designed to carry up to 3 children aged 7 or younger, or up to 70 kg of cargo in that front bucket. It’s got a Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight of 440.9 lbs and a maximum rider weight of 110 kgs, giving anyone a ton of cargo-carrying potential. The Load4 75 is a front loading "bakfiet" style e-Cargo bike, meaning it's got the cargo area in the front. As for the eBike power it offers, this bike has got a Bosch Cargo Line motor offering up to 400% pedaling assistance and 40 Nm of torque!

There are also tons of accessories to help you carry whatever you need to carry, however you want to carry it. For little ones and canine companions, Riese and Muller have got a range of accessories that are designed to optimize their comfort, and for carrying cargo for business needs, there are many different specifications as well. You’ve got tons of options for both the sidewalls on the cargo area and passenger weather protection, with the option of high or low sidewalls, and either a tarp, hard cover, or soft cover for weather protection. There are seating options too, with the option of no seats for cargo carrying, two seats for two passengers, three seats with a footwell for three passengers, and three seats with a footwell and a little luggage shelf for bags and such.  

Beyond just the passenger comfort, there’s also rider comfort in mind. You’ll have a ton of control and manoeuvrability in the handling with the low centre of gravity and large loading surface, but you’ll also be comfortable while riding because of the Riese and Muller Control Technology. Control Technology is a true full suspension system, integrated right into the cargo bike system. 

Riese and Muller got their start building full suspension bikes, and have spent the years since then developing it even further. Full suspension means more than just comfort, though. It also means safety for riders and passengers, helping you to stay stabilized and keep both wheels stuck on the ground, meaning you’re also going to be a lot safer. Control Technology bikes have an active rear swing arm, finely-tuned front wheel suspension, and co-sprung luggage rack on the back. Here, you’ve also got an optimized chassis on the Load4 75 for optimal comfort, riding control and efficiency. 

If you’ve got young kids in the cargo area and you don’t have full suspension, they’re going to be feeling all the bumps, vibrations, and knocks from any potholes or cobbled streets. With the suspension system, you’ve got control over your ride and it absorbs all those little bumps. This also helps you ride more efficiently! Combined with the cushy balloon tires, enhanced braking, and integrated lighting, you’re going to be experiencing the best comfort and safety possible.

These riding dynamics and cargo carrying options are all combined with a super powerful Bosch Cargo Line motor. These are the most powerful motors offered by Bosch, with low pedaling resistance, and up to 400% pedal assistance. The high quality components are going to help to keep it super reliable and safe too. The Load4 75 comes with the PowerPack Frame 725 or the DualBattery 1450, and both of those, along with Bosch’s entire lineup, are all UL-2849 certified. Bosch goes above and beyond by certifying not only their batteries, but also all their electrical components. When you choose an eBike for your family, you want to know that you’re not putting them at any risk by doing so. Ensuring that you’re riding an eBike with strict certification standards is the only way to go when it comes to safety and reliability. 

We’re going to just give a quick summary on what UL-2849 certification means. In short, it’s a look at the whole entire electrical system to ensure safety. UL is an independent third party company who have been performing evaluations on standards for electrical safety for as long as we’ve been evaluating it! There are checks performed on the cells in a battery, the whole battery pack, the mechanical, electrical, and control system function in the motor, the charging system, the mechanical integrity and any environmental or electrical vulnerabilities to the system, and most importantly, the bike itself. On the bike, the certification process assesses the charging and discharging of the batteries, the temperatures, any susceptibility it has to adverse conditions, and any charging errors that might arise, making sure that it’s super safe and reliable for you and your family!

Another great thing about the Load4 75 is the extremely customizable ergonomics. The saddle height and position can be adjusted to accommodate riders from 4’11” to 6’6” in height, and the angle and height of the stem can be adjusted too, making it super comfy no matter who’s riding. This means if you’re not sure who’s going to be doing the school dropoffs and pickups, you’re still all set because this bike is going to be super customizable when you’re sharing between multiple riders in the family. 

One of the more unique upgrades available is the Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 system for anti-lock braking, like you might see on a car. Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 is a system of several parts working together as a network to keep you safe while you ride. It starts with an ABS control unit, mounted on your fork, which is the control center of the whole operation. This unit gathers information from speed sensors on the front and rear wheel that continuously monitor the speed of your bike and your wheel rotations while you’re riding. Up on your bars you have your brake levers, which control your brakes, and the ABS control light on your display. The control light tells you, right on your control panel whether ABS is working at the beginning of your ride, then lights up again while you’re riding if there’s an error with the system. The system works by preventing the front wheel from locking, helping to avoid skids and keep you in the saddle even if there’s sudden heavy braking – whether you’re on city streets or off the beaten path. The ABS controls the braking pressure on the front wheel to avoid locking, helping it stay steerable, even on slippery surfaces, and in extreme situations. With a Kiox 300 display, you’ll also have the ability to retrieve information about how you use your brakes – there are statistics on the front brake usage, the braking distance and braking time, so you can better estimate how different surfaces affect your braking distance, helping you improve how you brake! eCargo bikes ask a lot from their braking systems, and when you’re riding, you need to make sure you’re set up for safety, and ABS gives you faster, safer, and more accurate braking, even when fully loaded, helping to keep you, your cargo, and other folks on the road.

One of the great things about this bike is the ability to fully customize it to be fully tailored to your needs and your ride. No matter how you choose to build it up, the Load4 75 comes perfectly built to allow you to have a super smooth, seamless, comfortable, and safe ride while hauling cargo, whether it’s little ones, pets, or inanimate cargo! There’s tons of things you can customize to make sure the bike not only meets your needs but exceeds your wildest dreams, and we’re ready to help you along the way. Come in for a test ride or send us an email and let us know how you’d like to customize your bike, and we’ll get you riding exactly how you want in no time.

If you'd like to hear us talk about the Load 4 75, we've got a Bike Fast Facts video up getting into the nitty gritty of cargo carrying up over on our YouTube page! Check it out here.



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