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Microshift Advent 9-Speed Rear Derailleur RD-M6195

Rear derailleur for Microshift Advent 9-speed drivetrains.

microShift ADVENT Shift Brake Lever for Right Drop Bar 9-Speed (ADVENT Compatible Only)

For adventures that need drop bars and a wide gear range, mi..

microSHIFT R9 Trigger Shifter Set 9-Speed Road Double Shimano Compatible

A great option for setting up your flat bar road bike, R9 Xp..

microSHIFT Mezzo RD-M36L SGS long cage Rear Derailleur 8-speed 9-Speed Black 34T max

M-series rear derailleurs are designed to work with 8 and 9-..

microShift Centos Shift Brake Lever 2-speed 10-Speed Pair (with Internal Cable Routing)

Centos delivers a traditional road experience with refined t..

microShift R8 Brake Shift Lever Pair 3-speed 8-speed (Shimano Compatible)

R-Series drop bar shifters are designed to make life easier...

microSHIFT Centos Flat Bar Trigger Shifter Set 11-Speed Road Double Shimano Compatible

Great option for upgrading your flat bar bike with contempor..

microShift Mezzo Thumb-Tap Shifter Set with Optical Gear Indicator Shimano Compatible

Great replacement option for Shimano drivetrains, roughly eq..

microSHIFT H10 10-Speed Cassette 11-28 Silver Chrome Plated (CS-5700 equivalent)

microSHIFT's H10 cassettes are manufactured to exacting tole..

microShift 9-speed Advent Cassette CS-H093A 11-42T

When it comes to adventurous riding, a wider gear range is o..

microShift 10-Speed Cassette 11-48 CS-G104 Advent X

Replacement 10 speed cassette for mountain bike drivetrains
Open Mon - Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 11-6
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker Owned Since 1997