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Recumbent & Adaptability Parts

Hase Pendulum Pedal with Crank Shortener

The Pendulum Pedal can help riders with severely limited mobility slowly gain flexibility and strength.

Hase Walking Stick Holder

Stash your cane or walking stick while you ride. Allows riders to easily secure a cane or walking stick to their Hase recumbent or trike.

Hase Universal Coupler

Transforms two trikes into a trike tandem. In order to hitch the rear trike, all you have to do is re­move its front wheel, slide the coupling into the dropouts, and secure it with the quick-release.

Catrike 559 rear fender 26"

Rear Fender for Catrike 559

ICE Bottle Cage Riser

The bottle cage riser flips and angles the bottle cage so that it faces towards you for easy access while riding without interrupting your ride. Works with most standard bottle cages. Some longer cages may not be compatible.

Hase Special Pedal Adjustable Velcro Strap

Special Pedals for Hase Bikes are much more adjustable to individual needs than other models.

Hase Pedal with Elastic and Toe Clip

These pedals hold the front portion of the foot with a brace, in the correct foot position, while the elastic strap around the heel prevents slipping.

ICE Rear Light Mount for Neck Rest

A custom rear light mount designed to clamp on to the ICE neck rest allowing the fitting of most conventional bicycle rear lights which are designed to fit the seat post of an upright bicycle.

HP Velotechnik Premium ErgoMesh Seat - SIKONX2

The new premium version of the ErgoMesh seat: the most flexible invitation to remain seated for another round you can get.

Hase Shoulder Pads Pair

Shoulder pads for the Hase Bikes harness system.

Catrike Dumont Front Fenders

Catrike Front Fender for Dumont

Catrike Universal Rear Rack

Adjustable rack with super long stays and P-Clamps intended for most recumbent tricycles!

HP Velotechnik Side Bag Mount for Ergomesh - RIGHT SIDE - LESHEM

Need some easy to reach storage? HP Side Bag Mounts are fully adjustable with a max payload of 11 lbs. per side. They are available for Scorpion trikes with ErgoMesh seat and all Gekkos.

HP Velotechnik Ergomesh Seat Cushion Set - SIZUBZPOPS

Recline and relax with your supportive ErgoMesh seat!

HP Velotechnik Bodylink Head Rest - SIHPKSV

Head and neck support for the Bodylink hardshell ergonomic seat.

HP Velotechnik Moonbiker Flag

Safety is not a fashion statement!

Catrike Foam Grips Pair

Foam grips that are designed to comfortably fit over recumbent steering and controls.

Catrike Handrest - pair

Pads and mounts for Catrike handrests. Also available singly.
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
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Worker-Owned Since 1997