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Wheels Manufacturing

Wheels Manufacturing 24mm Crank Spindle Spacer

Fight inconsistent industry standards and get your crank preload right!

Wheels Manufacturing BB, Freewheel & Cassette Spacer

A spacer for behind a bottom bracket cup or behind the biggest sprocket of a cassette or freewheel

Wheels Manufacturing/Problem Solvers Handlebar Shim 25.4mm to 31.8mm [D19]

Shims for fitting 25.4mm diameter handlebars to 31.8mm inside stem clamp diameter.

Wheels Manufacturing Axle

Replacement axles for various hubs. Best to check the exact specifications of the axle you are looking to replace

Wheels Manufacturing External Bottom Bracket for Road BSA

The most durable smoothest bottom brackets on the market!

Wheels Manufacturing Deraileur Hanger - 299 for Salsa Journeyer

Replacement hanger for Salsa Journeyer

Front Derailleur Shim for 1-1/8'' on 1'' Seat Tube (28.6mm -> 25.4mm)

Derailleur shim for adapting front derailleur clamps to a different sized frame seat tube.

Wheels Manufacturing Front Derailleur Shim 31.8 to 28.6

Front derailleur shim for your front derailleur that needs a shim. 31.8mm to 28.6mm

Wheels Manufacturing Headset Spacer 1-1/8" (28.6 mm)

Very very very nice aluminum headset spacers for 1-1/8" fork steerer!

Axle Spacers [D3]

Various sizes of axle spacers

Cartridge Bearing 6000 Wheels Manufacturing Steel Bearing (PAIR) (10x26x8mm) [D13]

The Wheels Manufacturing sealed bearing units are very first quality replacement part, and fit most hubs currently in use.

Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger 142 (Salsa)

Replacement derailleur hanger for some Salsa bikes

Wheels Manufacturing Chainring Spacer - Inner

Chainring spacer for adjusting the chainline on inner and middle chainrings.

Wheels Manufacturing Hanger - 27

Wheels Manufacturing Hanger 27. Good for most folding Tern bikes that we sell. Best to check compatibility tho...

Wheels Manufacturing Bearings Grade 300

Replacement bearings for hubs

Wheels Manufacturing External Bottom Bracket for MTB BSA (68/73mm)

A durable bottom bracket upgrade featuring Enduro bearings. Fully serviceable!

Wheels Manufacturing 3/8" (9.5) x 24tpi Outer Axle Nut [M3]

High-grade steel nuts to fit bikes with 3/8" (9.5mm) x 24tpi solid-axles.

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Bracket BB30 2x 6806 Bearings & 2x Circlips

Best option for keeping your BB30 bike on the road! Circlips be damned!

Wheels Manufacturing Presta Valve Rim adapter SINGLE [E5]

Stop breaking presta valves in your schraeder drilled rims!

Axle Nut 9x1 Non-Flanged Silver

Replacement nuts for bolt-on axles.

Wheels Manufacturing Presta Valve adapter (Set of 2) [E5]

Presta valve saver for use with presta valves in rims drilled for a larger Schrader valve

Axle Nut 10x1 w. Floating Washer

This is a single axle nut.

Wheels Manufacturing Axle Nut Flanged 9x1 [N3]

High-grade steel nuts to fit 9x1 threaded solid axles.
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997