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Tern Clubhouse Mini

The Clubhouse Mini—little sibling to the Clubhouse+—makes your bike as versatile and functional as a hatchback car.

Tern Clubhouse MadPad

The Clubhouse MadPad turns any version of the Clubhouse into a comfy rear bucket seat for one big kid.

Tern Clubhouse Gen 3 for GSD

The Clubhouse (Gen 3) turns your GSD into a modular minivan for the family.

Tern Storm Box for GSD

When combined with the Clubhouse+™ and Sidekick™ Wide Decks, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive, weather-protected bucket.

Tern Duostand (Gen 3) for HSD, Short Haul, Quick Haul.

The DuoStand is a robust, height-adjustable dual-leg kickstand with a wide stance that mounts at the center of your bike to keep it standing firmly on its own two feet.

Tern Dog Roof Mini

Open the roof to let your dog enjoy an open-air riding experience or zip the roof closed to keep the rain out (and your dog in)!

Tern Porter+ Saddle for Vektron

Non-slip GripPad® distributes your bike's weight evenly across your shoulder for balanced and comfortable carrying

Tern Cargo Rack for Panniers

a robust rear rack for Tern bikes made with thick-gauge aluminum tubing

Tern WeatherTop Bag

You can stop searching for the perfect bag for your Transporteur or Hauler Rack—the WeatherTop Bag is it.

Tern Soft Crate Mini

The Soft Crate Mini is a detachable dog and cargo carrier for the Clubhouse Mini. Carry a small/medium-sized dog safely and comfortably, especially when paired with the Dog Roof Mini. It also lets riders tote groceries and other everyday cargo with ease.

Tern Luggage Truss Black CMT

The Luggage Truss CMT lets you mount cargo on the bike frame instead of the front fork, for improved steering stability and a wobble-free ride. Compatible only with Tern bikes equipped with the robust Combo Mount—such as the HSD, GSD and the BYB.

Tern Clubhouse Back Pad

Give your kid something to lean back on after a day of hard play.

Tern Clubhouse Seat Pad

The Clubhouse Seat Pad provides a comfy seat cushion for one big kid on any of the Clubhouse carriers. Its modular design gives you full freedom to build setups that suit your family’s needs—whether that’s school drop-offs, grocery hauls, or more!

Tern Sidekick Handle

The Sidekick Handle offers your rear passenger a secure grip during the ride. Easy to attach and remove, the Sidekick Handle mounts to the rear rack so it can be used even if your saddle is always all the way down.

Tern Cache Box for CMT HSD

The HSD Cache Box is the glove compartment of your HSD.

Tern Storm Shield Mini (For HSD and GSD)

The Storm Shield Mini is a weather-resistant canopy that keeps the elements out, the good vibes in, and your kid's complaints at bay!

Tern Cargo Hold 52 Panniers for GSD (Pair)

The Cargo Hold 52 Panniers are like an extra-roomy trunk for the GSD.

Tern Sidekick Wheel Guard M (for HSD, Quick Haul, Short Haul)

The Sidekick™ GSD Wheel Guard is a pair of mesh covers that protect the feet of young passengers on the rear of the GSD, whether they are sitting on the Sidekick Seat Pad or on a child seat that doesn't have footrest panels against the wheel.

Tern Pannier Adapter for GSD/HSD

The Pannier Adapter helps your Cargo Hold panniers play nicely with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD.

Tern Captain's Chair for GSD & HSD (Gen 2)

The best seat in the house! Suitable for passengers or cargo.

Sidekick Flat Bars

Sidekick Flat Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two.

Tern Lockstand Quadstruts

The patented design of the Lockstand QuadStruts gives the GSD an extra pair of legs and a big stability boost—right when you need it the most.

Tern Hauler Rack

Increase the hauling capacity of your HSD without increasing it's length or footprint!

Tern Storm Box Mini

The Storm Box Mini transforms the rear of your bike into a roomy, weather-protected bucket for one passenger.
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997