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Cargo Bike Accessories

Yuba Bread Basket New Version

Designed to hold two cases of beer or two bags of groceries, and rated for 50 pounds of cargo, the Bread Basket is no slacker. Designed for strength and stability, the Bread Basket Quick Release Skewers mount directly to the Yuba frame and don’t turn with

Yuba Bamboo Box Seat Kit for Supercargo and Supermarche

Complete with two 3-point harnesses, soft back and bottom cushions and sturdy 3-ply bamboo boards, your kiddos will be safe and comfy on the ride. Easy to install and durable enough to stand up to your lifestyle.

Tern Storm Box for GSD

When combined with the Clubhouse+™ and Sidekick™ Wide Decks, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive, weather-protected bucket.

Yuba Universal Monkey Bars

Confidently haul your most precious cargo safely inside the Adjustable Monkey Bars. Parents love this awesome Add-On for all our longtail cargo bike models because it provides peace of mind and a place for idle little hands.

Tern Cargo Hold 37 Panniers for HSD

The Cargo Hold 37 Panniers turn the HSD into a super-handy ride. They’re your car trunk for carrying groceries, a backpack for running errands or commuting, or a diaper bag for bringing toys and baby essentials.

Yuba Soft Spot Seat Pad

A comfy ride!

Tern Captain's Chair for GSD & HSD

The Captain's Chair lets big kids and adults ride on the back of a GSD or HSD in comfort and style. Pair with the Sidekick Joyride Bars to create a complete passenger's cabin for your favorite backseat driver. Use the same setup to carry crates and boxes—

Yuba Pop Top

Let it rain, let it pour, let it shine!

Yuba Bread Basket Liner

A Bread Basket liner is standard with all Bread Baskets. This is a replacement part only compatible with the latest version– in case your liner has been lost or damaged.

Yuba Go Getter Bag

The new and improved Go-Getter Bag is here! Easily haul your life around on your Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike with this is a spacious, top-quality, pannier-style cargo bag.

Tern Duostand (Gen 1) for HSD

A double legged kickstand to help haul stuff daily!

Yuba Grab & Go Bag for Bread Basket

Designed to protect & carry your precious cargo, the Grab & Go bag fits perfectly in the Bread Basket. Take it directly from the bike to your shoulder to a shopping cart – and then back to the bike with no hassle or need for disposable store bags.

Yuba Towing Tray

Adult or kiddos bikes, the towing tray can take it all !

Yuba Bread Basket Cover

The kit contains a sturdy mesh top net to secure cargo while riding, plus a bright-yellow rain cover to keep your goodies dry on rainy rides.

Includes carrying case, which mounts easily to the backside of the basket, and is outfitted with a Napoleon-st

Yuba Soft Spot Mini

A comfy ride!

Tern Storm Shield for GSD

The Storm Shield is a weather-resistant canopy that keeps the elements out, the good vibes in, and kids' complaints at bay.

Tern Clubhouse + Rails (for GSD gen 1 or gen 2)

Transform your GSD into a minivan with the Clubhouse+.

Tern Cargo Hold 52 GSD Panniers

The Cargo Hold 52 Panniers are like an extra-roomy trunk for the GSD.


Custom Yuba Bracket for attaching Yepp Easy Fit child seats to the Mundo V3, V4s or Boda Boda V1 or V2.

Yuba Roots Kickstand

A different concept with safety in mind…For Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry AT bikes.

Yuba Carry-On Truck Bed for Spicy Curry & Sweet Curry

With the Carry-On you can now create a sturdy 2-foot by 2-foot platform that can handle the biggest and bulkiest loads.

Magura 8.S Sport Disc Brake Pads for 4 piston caliper

Great replacement pads for Magura Dual Piston MT5 brakes

Tern WeatherTop Bag

You can stop searching for the perfect bag for your Transporteur or Hauler Rack—the WeatherTop Bag is it.
Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-6
Worker Owned since 1997
Happy 25th Anniversay to us!
Support your local co-ops!