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Cargo Bike Accessories

Tern Pannier Adapter for GSD/HSD

The Pannier Adapter helps your Cargo Hold panniers play nicely with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD.

Tern Captain's Chair for GSD & HSD (Gen 2)

The best seat in the house! Suitable for passengers or cargo.

Yuba D.R.S. Bag

Three-way adaptable cargo system. More than a bag for your Fastrack!

Tern Porter+ Saddle for HSD

Non-slip GripPad® distributes your bike's weight evenly across your shoulder for balanced and comfortable carrying

Sidekick Flat Bars

Sidekick Flat Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two.

Tern Cargo Tray

The Cargo Tray creates a strong, generously sized cargo platform atop your HSD's rear rack.

Tern Lockstand Quadstruts

The patented design of the Lockstand QuadStruts gives the GSD an extra pair of legs and a big stability boost—right when you need it the most.

Yuba Bamboo Baseboard for Supercargo and Supermarche

A baseboard that allows you to use your loading platform without a box.

Yuba Bread Basket Cover Kit V2

A mesh liner that keeps your precious cargo from flying out of the Basket if you hit a bump + the waterproof rain liner that protects it from the elements!

Yuba Grab & Go Bag for Bread Basket

Designed to protect & carry your precious cargo, the Grab & Go bag fits perfectly in the Bread Basket. Take it directly from the bike to your shoulder to a shopping cart – and then back to the bike with no hassle or need for disposable store bags.

Tern Hauler Rack

Increase the hauling capacity of your HSD without increasing it's length or footprint!

Tern Storm Box Mini

The Storm Box Mini transforms the rear of your bike into a roomy, weather-protected bucket for one passenger.

Tern Atlas Lockstand Extension

The Lockstand Extensions are an add-on for the Atlas Lockstand™ on the new GSD.

Tern Cargo Lid Lock

The Cargo Lid Lock is an extra-long vinyl-coated cable with a combination lock.

Tern Sidekick Wide Decks for GSD

The Sidekick Wide Decks extend the GSD’s integrated lower decks widthwise to 12 cm.

Tern Sidekick Joyride Bars for HSD & GSD

The Sidekick Joyride Bars provide protection and stability for GSD and HSD passengers.

Yuba Foot Up Pegs

Foot Pegs are the perfect resting place for those little feet aboard the Boda Boda, Electric Boda Boda and the Kombi.

Yuba Bamboo Sideboards For Mundo (Bamboo feet and cargo support for Mundo V2-V6)

Roll in style. Practical and stylish, the Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo are a must-have add-on when carrying passenger. They match the Bamboo deck and provide more comfort for your passengers or better support for cargo.

Yuba Ring

The Ring is the designed to make it stylish and safe to carry a passenger. Mount to the top Bamboo Deck on the Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry, Boda Boda, Kombi and Mundo cargo bikes.

Yuba Boda Boda Bamboo Running Boards for V2

Support your cargo load or give your passengers a comfy resting place for their feet with pair of stylish Bamboo Running Boards on your Boda Boda Cargo Bike.

Yuba Hold On Bars

Yuba's Hold On Bar Kit gives them something to love, too: a strong and steady handlebar that will help them feel safe and secure while perched atop the bike’s rear rack. The Hold On is simple and quick to install; all you need is an Allen key.
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