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Winter Sale 2023

Tern Sidekick Seat Pad

The Sidekick Seat Pad lets that passenger ride in comfort. With a KLICKfix rack mount, the Sidekick Seat Pad clips on and off in seconds. Pair it with the rest of the Sidekick kit for extra comfort and convenience.

Tern Clubhouse MadPad

The Clubhouse MadPad turns any version of the Clubhouse into a comfy rear bucket seat for one big kid.

Velo Orange Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand

Two legs for a more stable kickstand experience.

Salsa Cowbell Drop Handlebar Black 31.8

Cowbell blends speed, comfort, and efficiency for high performance efforts on gravel and paved roads. Designed with gravel racing and riding in mind, Cowbell bars feature a 12-degree flare that puts your hands, wrists, and arms into a natural, comfortable

Yuba Soft Spot Mini

A (smaller) comfy ride!

Burley Travoy Trailer Hitch

Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches. Seat-post mounted hitch for the Burley Travoy. Hitch is only compatible with the Travoy

All-City Parthenon Party Cycling Cap OS

Featuring a 4-panel dome with a flip-up visor, the All-City Parthenon Party Cap is steeped in color to complement just about any kit or outfit. Made of lightweight cotton twill by Pace, right here in the USA.

Tern RidePouch

The RidePouch is like a mini trunk for your bike.

HP Velotechnik Moonbiker Flag

Safety is not a fashion statement!

Tern Atlas Lockstand Extension

The Lockstand Extensions are an add-on for the Atlas Lockstand™ on the new GSD.

Tern Sidekick Wheel Guard M (for HSD, Quick Haul, Short Haul)

The Sidekick™ GSD Wheel Guard is a pair of mesh covers that protect the feet of young passengers on the rear of the GSD, whether they are sitting on the Sidekick Seat Pad or on a child seat that doesn't have footrest panels against the wheel.

Marin Rear Mount Kickstand

Rear mounted, direct mount kickstand for use on Marin pavement models with disc brakes.

Yuba Leg Up for Mundo

Sometimes the kidlets need a leg up, and that’s what this aptly named accessory does.

Tern Pannier Adapter for GSD/HSD

The Pannier Adapter helps your Cargo Hold panniers play nicely with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD.

Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS10

Where can you store dirty laundry, wet socks or toys? PS10 dry bags are the perfect solution.

Brooks Proofide Single 30 ml jar

A cream to help assist the break-in process and keep leather supple, specially formulated from natural ingredients to condition, preserve and shower-proof your saddle.

Brooks Saddle Cover

Rain cover designed to be used when the bike is parked to avoid getting the leather saddle wet.

Ortlieb Anti-Theft Device for QL2.1 Bags

A short diversion on foot or a small café break without baggage is less hassle now. No problem, the securing cable, in combination with a cable or U-lock, reliably prevents bike and motorcycle panniers with QL2 and QL2.1 against theft.

HP Velotechnik Ergomesh Seat Cushion Set - SIZUBZPOPS

Recline and relax with your supportive ErgoMesh seat!

Catrike Foam Grips Pair

Foam grips that are designed to comfortably fit over recumbent steering and controls.
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997