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Winter Sale 2023


Ortlieb Twin City Urban Pannier QL2.1

The Twin-City Urban is the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for city dwellers and commuters who rely on their bicycles for transportation!
C$235.00 C$188.00

Catrike Universal Rear Rack

Adjustable rack with super long stays and P-Clamps intended for most recumbent tricycles!

Velo Orange Crazy Bars

The VO Crazy Bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double track, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between.

Hase Walking Stick Holder

Stash your cane or walking stick while you ride. Allows riders to easily secure a cane or walking stick to their Hase recumbent or trike.

Velo Orange 650b Wavy Fenders 58mm Black

These fenders feature a gorgeous Wavy pattern inspired by a classic French design and are available in high polished silver and smooth Noir.

Brooks C19 Carved Cambium Black

The C19 Carved is a saddle with a hole for pressure relief based on our waterproof Cambium designs and made for the upright riding position. Perfect for commuting in the city or touring abroad.

Tern Sidekick Wide Decks for GSD

The Sidekick Wide Decks extend the GSD’s integrated lower decks widthwise to 12 cm.

Velo Orange Zeppelin Fenders 52mm

Art-Deco styled fenders that are built to last!

Velo Orange 650b Smooth 58mm Fenders

These fenders feature a fantastically simple Smooth design and are available in high polished silver and smooth Noir. They're 58mm wide, designed for 650b wheels, and work with tires up to 50mm wide. Velo Orange includes a hardware kit to work with almost

Velo Orange Smooth Silver Fenders

These fenders feature a timeless smooth profile and are highly polished. They're 45mm wide, designed for 700c and 27" wheels, and work with tires up to 37mm wide. A hardware kit is included to work with almost any type of mounting.

Tern Lockstand Quadstruts

The patented design of the Lockstand QuadStruts gives the GSD an extra pair of legs and a big stability boost—right when you need it the most.

Ortlieb Rack Pack Free MD 31L Black

In keeping with its commitment to innovation, ORTLIEB has just introduced another PVC-free line of products made of a polyurethane-coated polyester fabric to ensure lasting waterproof qualities.

Velo Orange 700c Snakeskin Fenders 50mm Silver

These fenders feature a stunning snakeskin pattern and are highly polished.

Surly Corner Bar Black 25.4 Clamp (with 31.8 shims)

The Surly Corner Bar is for off-road riders who want to give drop bars a try without swapping out the drivetrain and brake levers on their current mountain setup. Does that make it an economical option for fresh excitement on the trail? Yes, it does.

Velo Orange 700c Hammered Fenders

These fenders feature a classic hammered pattern and are available in high polished silver and smooth Noir. They're 45mm wide, designed for 700c and 27" wheels, and work with tires up to 37mm wide. Velo Oranges includes a hardware kit to work with almost

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Rack Black

Load up your panniers, get off the beaten track, and start exploring!

Ortlieb Quick Rack Light

With the Quick Rack Light your bike transforms from a sporty road, gravel or mountain bike to a practical commuter bike.

Ortlieb Back Roller Design QL2.1 20L Pannier Single

ORTLIEB’s trusty Back-Roller now with an elegant and sleek look! The spacious pannier for the rear luggage rack is now available in a subtle black look and in two different design patterns.

Velo Orange Klunker Bar

The ultimate do anything bar to convert your ride into a comfortable everyday cruiser, crusher or whatever!

Yuba Bamboo Sideboards For Mundo (Bamboo feet and cargo support for Mundo V2-V6)

Roll in style. Practical and stylish, the Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo are a must-have add-on when carrying passenger. They match the Bamboo deck and provide more comfort for your passengers or better support for cargo.

Pelago Commuter Rack

Pelago Aluminum Commuter front porter style racks allow you to carry cargo on the top and in the panniers on the sides. Lightweight and durable aluminum construction and integrated front light mount make this ideal for daily use and touring.

Surly Sunrise Handlebar

The Sunrise handlebar is part cruiser bar, part trail bar, and part BMX bar all rolled into one. It’s as at home cruising around town as it is hitting your favorite trail.

Surly Terminal Handlebar

The Terminal Bar blends cruiser-style comfort with off-road touring performance. Able to run with a 40mm drop or rise, its swept-back design makes it great for long rides on rough, technical terrain.

Catrike Frame Bag for Eola

A handy and practical frame-mounted bag designed for the Eola recumbent trike.
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