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Ortlieb Shoulder Pad Removable

Replacement/Upgrade shoulder pad designed to fit up to a 50mm strap.

Ortlieb Shoulder Strap (Grey) For Back Roller/Sport Roller

For all Back-Roller and Sport-Roller models, as well as Plus models from 2015.
Universal shoulder strap for Back-Roller and Sport-Roller models. Includes plastic shoulder pad and side-release buckle.

Ortlieb Accessory Safe-it Black/Transparent M

Ortlieb's Safe-It ensures reliable protection from water and dust for mobile devices.
C$50.00 C$50.00

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Map Case

if you like to use good, old-fashioned maps on your bike tours, then the waterproof map case with roll-Velcro closure will be a welcome accessory for your ORTLIEB Ultimate handlebar bag. Use the attachment set to attach your map case to your Ultimate bag

Ortlieb Velocity Hi-Vis Backpack Black

Ortlieb's compact messenger bag doubles as an energetic day-tripper and waterproof commuter pack.

Ortlieb Buckle Stealth Repair Buckle (Plug and Socket) 4 pieces [B20]

Stealth Buckle Repair Set. 25 mm, male and female housing with openings, 2 pcs. For replacement of buckles previously seated on a closed (sewn) loop of webbing.

Ortlieb Padded Strap with Snap Hook

Padded strap with snap hooks.

Ortlieb Buckle Stealth repair buckle plug/male end 2pcs [B20]

Replacement buckles for all Office-Bag, Back-Roller and Sport-Roller models with Stealth buckles.

Ortlieb Sport Packer Classic QL2.1 Panniers

The compact size of the Sport-Packer Classic makes it the perfect pannier for short tours, as front pannier with additional storage room for the low-rider or for children bikes. Simple mounting and removal from the rack is guaranteed by the QL2.1 fixing.

Ortlieb Sport Roller Classic QL2.1 Pannier Pair

ORTLIEB’s far traveled classic model made of robust polyester fabric is designed for low-riders in the front or for the rear rack, and is also suitable for children’s bikes.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic QL2.1 40L Pannier Pair

Made of durable polyester fabric and long known as an ideal pannier for extended tours in any kind of weather, the spacious Bike Packer Classic is now available with the QL2.1 rack mounting system.

Ortlieb Ultimate 4/5/6 Spare Part Wire Mounting Set

Replacement cable for the Ortlieb Ultimate 4,5 & 6 Mounting systems. Works with standard Ultimate 4,5 & 6 mounts as well as the Extension adapter part E165 -105cm (41 inces)long.4,
Open Mon - Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 11-6
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker Owned Since 1997