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Ortlieb Anti-Theft Device for QL2.1 Bags

A short diversion on foot or a small café break without baggage is less hassle now. No problem, the securing cable, in combination with a cable or U-lock, reliably prevents bike and motorcycle panniers with QL2 and QL2.1 against theft.

Ortlieb Outer Mesh Pocket

A lightweight removable mesh pocket great for storing and airing a helmet, shoes, or clothing!

Ortlieb Bike Packing Set Limited Edition Purple 31.5 L

The Bikepacking Set Limited Edition, in the unusual color combination of purple-petrol-orange, is limited to 1,050 pieces worldwide. The set comprises a Seat-Pack, a Frame-Pack RC Toptube and a Handlebar-Pack.

Ortlieb Mounting Set for Ultimate 2-5

Conveniently and securely attach your handlebar bag to your handlebars.

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Mounting Set

Mounting set with cable fixing for ORTLIEB handlebar bags and baskets; ideal for use with second bike; reflective tape on front; universal cord mounting; Holder compatible with bags and baskets of other brands.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Original QL2.1 20L Single Pannier

Made of durable polyester fabric and long known as an ideal pannier for extended tours in any kind of weather.

Ortlieb Lower rail for anchoring hook QL2.1

For all models with the QL2.1 system. Replace a lost or worn semi-elliptical bracket with a new bracket.

Ortlieb Handlebar bag adapter for smartphone case SALE 30

Waterproof and dustproof protective sleeve for smartphones and mobile phones!
C$26.00 C$13.00

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free 6.5L

The Ultimate Six Free is a handlebar bag with plenty of space and no PVC. The transparent flap compartment, which offers 22 x 10 cm of stowage space, is an ideal location for your smartphone, GPS device or a map!

Ortlieb Rack Pack Classic LG 49L

This 100% waterproof travel bag has all the advantages of an easy to use dry bag!

Ortlieb Rack Pack Classic MD 31L

This 100% waterproof travel bag has all the advantages of an easy to use dry bag!

Ortlieb Back Roller Hi Visibility QL 2.1 20L

A brilliant idea for all-season, all-weather riders: the bike bags in the ORTLIEB High Visibility Line make it easier for other people to see you while you’re out there on the streets.

Ortlieb Gravel Pack Pannier 25L

Ideal for multiday tours and self-supported races, the ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack duo offers you a combined payload of 25 liters for additional gear such as mess kits, food and other “luxury” items.

Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS10

Where can you store dirty laundry, wet socks or toys? PS10 dry bags are the perfect solution.

Ortlieb QL2.1 Lower anchoring hook, 1 piece

For all models with the QL2.1 system. If your mounting system's lower anchoring hook is lost or worn, you can easily replace it with a new anchoring hook.

Ortlieb Pannier QL2.1 hooks handle insert (16mm with 8,10,12mm shims)

Worn, broken or lost QL2.1 mounting hooks? No problem! Simply replace the hooks with a new set of QL2.1 hooks and adjustable handle. For Office-Bag, Commuter-Bag, Commuter-Bag Two.

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus QL2.1 40L Pannier Pair

The durable, waterproof, dustproof, abrasion-resistant and high quality Cordura fabric ensures optimal protection for your gear!

Ortlieb Quick Rack

Transform your bike in no time at all from a lightweight bike for sporty tours into a transport bike for shopping and commuting!

Ortlieb Back Roller Free QL 3.1 20L Pannier Single Black

The Back-Roller Free is based on the ever-popular Back-Roller Classic, which has proven itself millions of times. The Free line does not use PVC, but does not compromise on performance either.

Ortlieb Screw set for QL2.1 panniers

Planning a long bike tour and interested in playing it safe when it comes to securing your panniers?

Ortlieb replacement Stealth repair buckle - socket/female, 1 piece

Need to replace a pair of broken buckle?

Ortlieb Handlebar Bag Shoulder Strap for Ultimate 3-6 Black

A shoulder strap for your Ultimate 3 to Ultimate Six handlebar bag.

Ortlieb Frame Pack RC Clamping Rubber O-Rings

Clamping rubber to securely close your Frame-Pack RC or Frame-Pack Toptube.

Ortlieb QLS mount for Fork Pack

The Quick-Lock S System lets you fix your Fork-Pack easily and securely on a wheel!
Open Mon - Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 11-6
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker Owned Since 1997