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Burley Travoy Cargo Trailer System

The Travoy’s compact design effortlessly stores away and is ready for deployment on your everyday commute or the occasional neighborhood bikeshare ride.

Burley D'Lite X Child Trailer: Aqua (Double)

The luxurious D’Lite X kids bike trailer and stroller is built for the long-haul. Premium seat pads, headrests, and independently reclining seats to fine tune the angle of the passenger’s seat make your little one feel like royalty.

Burley Tail Wagon Dog and Pet Trailer

Now your favorite four-legged friend can come along for the ride. The Burley Tail Wagon® pet bike trailer is thoughtfully designed for easy loading and unloading, quick cleaning, and maximum comfort for your canine copilot.

Burley MyKick Balance Bike

For kids that aren’t ready to pedal a bike, the MyKick balance bike lets them power along just by kicking. Learning to coast and balance on two wheels is part of the natural evolution to riding a bike.

Burley Hitch Alternative Adapter: QR [E20]

Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches. This adapter spaces out the standard hitch allowing bike frames with tight rear dropouts to have hitch clearance

Burley Kazoo Single Speed Trailer Cycle

It adjusts easily for growing children and offers superior handling, tracking and stability with Burley’s patented aluminum ball-bearing guided hitch.

Burley Ballz Coho 5mm Skewer Hitch (Replaces QR Skewer) - for OLD: 130-135mm

Find new horizons and discover new trails when you hitch your bike to a Coho XC cargo trailer using the Coho 5mm Skewer. Available in multiple lengths, simply replace your bike’s current QR axle with the Coho 5mm Skewer and you’re ready to hit the trail.

Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer - Black

The Flatbed bike cargo trailer is the utilitarian choice for pulling loads of up to 100 lbs.

Burley Coho Ballz Trailer Hitch Thru Axle for 12mm and 142-148mm OLD

Burley Coho Axles Enables connection of the Coho XC trailer to bikes with 12mm rear thru axles.

Burley Coho 16+ Wheel Kit

Expand your adventure options with the Coho 16+ Wheel Kit.

Burley Bark Ranger Pet Bike Trailer

Just like your pet, the Bark Ranger™ dog stroller and bike trailer is always ready for adventure.

Burley Encore X Child Trailer - Double Pacific Blue

This versatile kids bike trailer and double stroller with suspension opens the door to adventure.

Burley Hitch Alternative Adapter: M10 x 1.0 [E20]

This adapter spaces out the Steel Hitch allowing bike frames with hooded/tight rear dropouts to have hitch clearance.

Burley Travoy Upper Market Bag: Black

A smaller bag for transitioning from a shopping to a cycling experience. See-through mesh allows for easy viewing of what’s packed in the 22 liter space.

Burley Travoy Cargo Trailer Quick Hitch

Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches.

Burley Jogger Kit: Double

Convert your Burley into a jogging stroller. It’s the perfect way to expand the capabilities converting the trailer to a jogger. Tracking adjustment fine tunes the orientation of the front wheel. It’s the perfect accessory for any family on the run.

Burley Hitch Alternative Adapter 3/8" x 26 (Shimano IGH)

Great for towing your trailer behind a bike with an internally gear hub!

Burley Travoy Rack Mount

The Travoy Rack Mount enables the Travoy Hitch to mount on a rear rack, rather than the seat post. This is handy when you have a large rack installed that might prevent you from installing the Travoy on your seatpost.

Burley Nomad Cargo Trailer

This Burley Nomad bike cargo trailer was built specifically for touring and features an efficient, lightweight design, huge cargo capacity and durable waterproof cover.

Burley Travoy Trailer Hitch

Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches. Seat-post mounted hitch for the Burley Travoy. Hitch is only compatible with the Travoy

Burley Standard Steel Hitch for Quick Release and Bolt-On Axles

Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches.

Burley 2-Wheel Stroller Kit

Take your Burley all over town with the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit.
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