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Park Tool Double Ended Cone Wrench

Great versatility for the home mechanic!

Stan's NoTubes DART Tubeless Patch Kit

The Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) is designed to fix damaged tires faster, easier and better than existing plug tools. The DART creates a chemical reaction with your sealant to quickly form a permanent airtight bond.

Shimano TL-FC25 SM-BBR60 Adapter Installation Tool

Adapter for using 44mm OD BB tool with Shimano's 41mm OD bottom brackets (e.g. BB-RR60; BB-MT800)

Pedro's Tire Lever Pair

The choice of our service department for removing tires. We've yet to break one!

Park Tool BBT-22 Cartridge Type Bottom Bracket Tool, For 3/8'' Drive Ratchet

Best tool for removing stubborn square taper, octalink or ISIS bottom brackets.

Magura Mini Bleed Service Kit [S1]

Consumer Level Bleed Kit for Magura Brakes

Park Tool P-Handled Wrench

Engineered for utility and durability, Park Tool P-shaped hex wrenches can be found in bike shops around the world.

Park Tool TW-6.2 Click-type Torque Wrench 12-60 NM

With today’s lightweight components, torque wrench use in the shop is no longer an option — it’s a must for every mechanic.

Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench

The ultimate cone wrench designed for shop use, but ideal for the home mechanic with unmatched quality, performance and comfort.

Park Tool VP-1 Patch Kit

A great safety net for anyone venturing out with a finite number of tubes. Also a good way to save money on slow afternoons by giving old tubes with holes another shot at pneumatic integrity.

Shimano Internal Hub Grease 100g [K1]

Shimano branded internal hub grease that should be used when servicing all Shimano internally geared hubs.

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil Bike Chain Lube - 4 fl oz, Drip

Tenacious Oil is used for ultimate protection and durability for components that have movement with metal-to-metal contact.

IceToolz 15mm pedal wrench 14/15 Crank Bolt Wrench

Essential tool for the fixed gear or single speed rider. Change flats or keep your wheel nuts tight, 10 mm wrench works on most fender eyebolts.

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner Kit

The third generation of Finishline's easy to use no mess chain cleaner!

Park Tool Spoke Wrench

The ultimate spoke wrench designed for shop use, but perfect for the home mechanic.

Crank Brothers Multi-17 Multi Tool

These high tensile steel multi-tools feature a precise fit and finish and side grips for a secure handhold even with gloves on.

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

The CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing, including hard-to-cut index housing.

Park Tool, HCW-4, Bottom Bracket Tool, 36mm fixed cup/ 2 pin adjustable cup

Great tool to keep vintage bikes with loose ball bottom brackets on the road!

Park Tool BBT-19.2 Bottom Bracket Tool Socket For External Type Bottom Brackets (16-notch 44mm OD cups), For 3/8 Drive Ratchet

Great tool for the home mechanic servicing outboard style bottom brackets or Wheel's Manufacturing PF to Outboard BB adapters.

Pedro's Green Fizz

A no-rinse wash for keeping your bike detailed and clean. Essential for the rider looking to keep their bike thrashed but not trashed.

Park Tool CSH-1 Clamping Spoke Holder

Your new favorite tool for truing and building wheels. Essential for the rider with many bladed spokes!

Park Tool TW-5.2 Click Type Torque Wrench 3-15 Nm

Great for keeping your bars, seatpost and accessories at the perfect tightness!
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
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