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Phil Wood Waterproof Grease 3oz.

The classic green tube of classic green grease.

Park Tool TW-5 Click Type Torque Wrench 2-14 Nm

Great for keeping your bars, seatpost and accessories at the perfect tightness!

Park Tool BBT-79.3 Bottom Bracket Tool (for 12 Notch, 44mm OD BB cups e.g. Sram Dub)

Tool for removing and installing threaded Sram Dub bottom brackets

Finish Line Chain Lube

Regularly lubricating your bike chain helps keep things running smoothly by reducing wear of your drive train components.

Paul Components Precision Bottle Opener

Built to the exacting standards of Paul Components Engineering, this tool will make sure you're never thirsty again!

Boeshield T9 12oz Aerosol Chain Lube and Rust Inhibitor

Boeshield T-9® is a bicyclist’s best friend! Waterproof your bike chain, lubricate cables, and prevent rust with our effective all-in-one formula. Works in both wet and dry conditions!

Park Tool PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench

The PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench is designed for heavy shop use. An oversized, asymmetrical head is made from Cro-Moly steel for superior strength and durability. While strong, the PW-4 is thin enough to access all wrench flats.

Park Tool CWP-7C Universal Crank Puller

The universal design of the CWP-7 has a rotating tip pressed into each end of the tool (11.3mm and 16.3mm) so it will remove both square taper and splined (ISIS Drive™, Octalink®) crank arms. Also fits BNI cranks on Bosch® e-bikes.

Tri-Flow Superior Lube 2oz

Light, penetrating and lubricating, Tri-Flow is the go-to for sticky parts and pivot points.

Park Tool BBT-19.2 Socket For External Type Bottom Brackets, For 3/8 Drive Ratchet

Great tool for the home mechanic servicing outboard style bottom brackets or Wheel's Manufacturing PF to Outboard BB adapters.

OneUp EDC V2 Tool

All the trailside tools you need, always on your bike and instantly accessible

Park Tool TW-6 Click-type Torque Wrench 12-60 NM

With today’s lightweight components, torque wrench use in the shop is no longer an option — it’s a must for every mechanic.
C$235.00 C$218.00

Wera 950 SPKL Long Allen Hex Wrench 9 piece Set Long Arm Metric

Maybe the best fastener tools on the market! Colour coded for easy reference and super durable.

Park Tool Spoke Wrench

The ultimate spoke wrench designed for shop use, but perfect for the home mechanic.

Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench

The ultimate cone wrench designed for shop use, but ideal for the home mechanic with unmatched quality, performance and comfort.

Pedro's Degreaser 13

Keep your drivetrain shiny and clean, or dilute and use as a general bike wash to keep your bike clean and detailed.

Crank Brothers Multi-17 Multi Tool

These high tensile steel multi-tools feature a precise fit and finish and side grips for a secure handhold even with gloves on.

IceToolz Pedal Wrench 33S1

Cost effective offset pedal wrench for removing stubborn pedals! Great option for the traveling cyclist.

Park Tool BBT-69.2, Bottom bracket tool, 16 notch 44mm external cups and CL Rotor Lockring For 3/8'' drive ratchet

Great tool for home mechanics with Centerlock hubs or outboard bottom brackets.

White Lightning Crystal Clear Grease, 3.5oz

Crystal Clear. Odorless. Non-Staining. Non-toxic. Biodegradable.

Park Tool GP-2 pre-glued super patch kit

The perfect fail safe against walking home!

Pedro's Bike Lust 16oz.

The original bike polish to keep your bike looking cleaned and detailed. Keep dust, grit and mud at bay with quick wipe downs after application.
Open Mon - Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 11-6
Worker Owned since 1997
Happy 25th Anniversay to us!
Support your local co-ops!