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About Urbane

Urbane Cyclist emblem, with Shreddy, our mascot, in the centre. Around him it says Urbane Cyclist, with our address, 280 College St, the words Worker's Co-op, and our phone number - 416-979-9733.

Urbane Cyclist is a worker co-operative that is dedicated to promoting the awesomeness of cycling for all and creating secure and positive employment for its staff and members.  




Since March 29, 1997, Urbane has been Toronto’s home for diverse ridership and cycling empowerment. Commuters have always formed our core clientele and we take pride in our expert service, knowledge and product in: touring bikes, recumbents, adventure cycling, folding bikes, cargo bikes, mobility devices and trailers. If you’re walking, running, skateboarding, roller-blading, or taking public transit, you - along with us - are part of a larger alternative transportation movement that challenges the supremacy of cars and other fossil fueled vehicles. 

Urbane’s membership cares deeply about lasting quality and durability. Instead of chasing trends, we bring in and manufacture products that work well and do not contribute to throwaway culture. Our repairs are always done with quality parts so that you can ride all day, all year, and in any conditions. 



Power to the People that Power Themselves!

Urbane Cyclist Co-op isn't just a regular neighbourhood bicycle shop; it's a worker-owned co-operative! In case you're not familiar, worker-owned cooperatives like ours are businesses owned and governed by their employees. This means decisions are made collectively, ensuring everyone has a voice and a stake in the success of the enterprise. It's a model that prioritizes equity, democracy, and solidarity, embodying a refreshing alternative to traditional hierarchical structures. Worker co-ops are a testament to the power of collective ownership and passion, and as a worker co-operative, we thrive under the stewardship of our members who are not only part-owners, but actively work on the day-to-day operations of the establishment. Working every day alongside dedicated full-time and part-time employees, these worker-owners form the backbone of our team. 

Regular member meetings help us envision the "big picture" of our journey as a business — where we stand now and where we're destined to go, along with allowing us to engage in collective decisionmaking on the regular processes of running a business! Through this lateral power structure, our decisions are not made in isolation but through the collective wisdom and vision of those who breathe life into our store.

As a worker owned co-operative business, each worker member is part owner, and all major decisions are made in a democratic, collective, non-hierarchical process. Worker co-operatives support workers’ livelihoods, which is a very different approach from the corporate focus on the bottom line. Co-ops aim to serve the needs of a community with integrity and promote a vision towards social justice and genuine alternatives to corporate culture and values. 

Diversity and inclusivity at Urbane is critical to our success in serving the community and ourselves. We are committed to providing a workplace that includes people of diverse backgrounds. We believe that this enhances the performance of our Co-op. Through our internal processes and participation in the Cycling Industry Pledge, we challenge ourselves to foster a supportive workplace culture inclusive of people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, marital status, age, physical abilities, political affiliation, religious beliefs or any other non-merit fact, so that all employees feel included, equally valued and supported.

Each worker-owner injects their own unique blend of personality, interests, and joy into the mix, creating the distinctive flavor that defines our shop. This amalgamation of individuality not only enriches our environment but also fuels the consensus that shapes our direction and purpose. We strive to be not only the most knowledgeable and well-stocked shop, but also the most passionate, friendly, and driven team as well! 





Current Members


Urbane Cyclist Co-op is a worker co-operative bicycle shop owned and operated by
its Worker-Owner Members, who work alongside other full time and part time employees. Our Membership meets regularly to discuss and decide on "bigger picture" visioning of what Urbane Cyclist is, and will become.
Our Worker-Owners give life to our store! Each member’s personality, interests and joy make up our shop’s special sauce and contributes to the consensus of our direction and purpose.

Here is who we are: 


 Brenden (He/Him) - Parts Lead & Parts Purchaser

“I was born and raised in East York, and have lived within 5km of lake Ontario for 35 years! My father is an old school Fred, who introduced cycling to me at a young age and taught me to love life on two wheels. As I grew, cycling grew with me and offered me a level of freedom in moving around East York and Scarborough that I've never relinquished! Working as a teenager and young adult at D'ornellas Bike Shop introduced me to Eon D'ornellas who taught me the hustle required to make a bike shop successful, and helped develop pride in helping people get the best bike and best parts for any ride. My hobbies outside the shop include pathological Raptors fandom, shredding gnar and taking long walks in the neighbourhoods, ravines and valleys that define Toronto.”

Nickname: Doc
Current Bikes: Focus Black Forest 29er, Land Shark Road Shark, Marin Cortina AX 2, Norco CCX, Norco Tactic


Eoin (he/him) - Service Lead & Head Mechanic

A longstanding member, Eoin is currently our Service Department Manager & Head Mechanic. 

Current Bikes: Marin Nicasio Ridge w/ SP Dynamo and B&M lights, Marin Nicasio RC Winter commuter with Alfine Dynamo and B&M lights, Soma Rush "track" bike w/ Deore XT 10-speed drivetrain


Owen (he/him) - Sales & Marketing Lead

“I've always been somewhat fanatical about bikes, I got my first bike at age 3 and haven't looked back. When I began commuting by bike in high school I felt the joy and excitement cycling could offer and my original cycling obsession returned only stronger this time! During my time at OCADU I began working at Cyclepath Danforth to help pay for my tuition (and bike parts...) and I began to properly explore the Don Valley trail system and I discovered my love of riding off-road. I am lucky that through my work at Urbane I get to introduce people to all the different types of fun cycling has to offer everyday. I also lead rides with Urbane Adventure Club so hit me up if you want to join! I am a gear nerd and retro-grouch which shows on most of my bike builds; usually pieced together bit by bit with a mix of old and new and some kooky twist. My excitement about bikes is a bit contagious so watch out!”

Things I like in a bike: Big tires, Wide bars and Steel frames!


Reba (she/her) - Admin Lead & Sales

“I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a bike. Biking is freedom! Freedom to travel, exercise, work, haul stuff, and just have fun. I got into bicycle riding year round in 1987 when I started working as a bicycle courier. Who’d have imagined that you could get paid to ride your bike? Since then I have fully immersed myself in the bicycle industry as a bicycle mechanic, store owner/co-owner/co-operator, a bike adventurer, a bike tour leader, an advocate, and most importantly a bike rider.”

Current Bikes: Bianchi City Bike, Devinci Destination Touring Bike, Salsa BearGrease Fat Bike, Breezer Folding Bike, Urbanite Commuter, Bilenky Cargo Bike, Burley Rivazza Tandem


Sam (she/her) - Sales Lead & Bike Fitter

Are you stoked about finding the best bike? Sam might be stoked more! Sam believes that cycling is for everyone, and is happiest when she can empower people to ride more. When not biking, Sam likes to read, weave on her loom, find vintage skorts, play Joni covers on the guitar and camp with friends.  

Nicknames: Salami, the Star Chairman, Bike Therapist.
Current Bikes: Velo Orange Polyvalent Low Kicker Custom, Surly Bridge Club Winter Commuter Edition, Shreddy Urbanite Junction.


Sasha (he/him) - Service Lead

Sasha spends most of his time in the shop repairing and maintaining your bicycles to get you back on the road with freshly tuned wheels. He loves building bikes from the frame up - bonus points for 90's steel - and will inevitably put a dynamo wheel and swept back handlebars on any bike project. Also known for listening to techno and sharing photos of tiny dogs.

Current Bikes: All-City Gorilla Monsoon Custom, Early 90's Marinoni Mountain Special Basket-Commuter, 1989 Miyata 1000 LT Grocery Hauler, Mercier Kilo WT Ex-Courier Work Bike, and a Salsa Timberjack (the only one that hasn't had a dynamo on it).


Gabe (he/him) - Sales Lead

Gabe from sales!

Gabe works in Sales! :)

Current Bikes: Velo Orange Neutrino Alfine 8, Marin Nicasio 1, Mercier Kilo WT single speed


Former Members

Not a comprehensive list.

If you are a former member and want to be included in our page here send us an e-mail and a photo of yourself along with when you worked here!


Dave (he/him) - Mechanic & Service Writer (from 2015-2022)


Dave was one of the main service writers at Urbane. He was usually the first friendly face you would see when entering our service department. When not working in the shop he can usually be found riding various mountain bike trails around Ontario, bike touring or making music on his collection of synths and drum machines.

Current Bikes: All City Cosmic Stallion, Surly Bridge Club, Salsa Timberjack and a KHS Flite 100.





Urbane is only as effective as the community we are in.  Here are some of our friends!


Organizations we support: 

CycleTO  Cycle Toronto - Platinum Supporter

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Bike Pirates 

Bike Sauce 


    Gateway Bike Hub

  Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

  Ontario Cooperative Association



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  Come As You Are

  Cycles CL MTL

  Together We’re Bitter Brewing

  La Siembra Co-op (Camino)


  Meridian Credit Union

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Bikes from Surly, Marin, Salsa & more