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Drop Bars

Surly Corner Bar Black 25.4 Clamp (with 31.8 shims)

The Surly Corner Bar is for off-road riders who want to give drop bars a try without swapping out the drivetrain and brake levers on their current mountain setup. Does that make it an economical option for fresh excitement on the trail? Yes, it does.

Ritchey Classic Drop Handlebar 31.8mm Clamp

An updated version of a timeless Ritchey handlebar bend.

Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe Handlebar 31.8

Cowchipper provides comfort, control, and efficiency for long days in the saddle, whether road touring, crushing mixed surfaces, or conquering the Great Divide.

Salsa Woodchipper 2 Drop Handlebar 31.8mm

Woodchipper is Salsa’s signature drop bar for off road riding, where its unique shape delivers comfort and control no matter how rough the terrain.

Surly Truck Stop Drop Handlebar 31.8mm -

Designed to combine what’s good about drop bars with the benefits of a riser, the Truck Stop Bar offers welcome relief to the road-weary traveler.

Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Drop Handlebar 31.8

Cowbell blends speed, comfort, and efficiency for high performance efforts on gravel and paved roads.

49N Road Drop Handlebar 31.8

49N Fondo Bar - a cost effective 31.8 drop handlebar to get your position dialed!

Daija Cycleworks Far Bar Handlebar 31.8mm

The Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar is a fantastic, lightweight off-road touring bar designed to be used with road components.

Ritchey Classic EvoCurve Drop Handlebar 31.8mm Clamp

Now available with the iconic high-polish silver finish, the Ritchey Classic EvoCurve features a short reach and shallow drop with a 5-degree sweep at the wider top sections.
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