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Cable + Housing

Jagwire 5MM KEB-SL Compressionless Brake Housing - 1 Foot

Compressionless brake housing eliminates flex from cable actuated braking systems, increasing power and improving lever feel.

SimWorks by Nissen Talking Parts Brake Housing

SimWorks changed the iron outer cable coil to a stainless steel one. It makes more difficult to rust and finished in clear coating.

Jagwire Slick Brake Cable - 2000mm

Perfect for re-cabling your bike so you can ditch the Flinstones technique!

Shimano Downtube Cable Stop For Steel Frame

Shimano Down tube cable housing stops for mounting STI shifter on steel frames.

Jagwire Hydraulic Hose Guide Adapter for Cable Stops (Pair) [D9]

A clever solution to allowing the use of full length housing runs on bikes with traditional cable stops.

Surly Brake Cable Hanger Stainless [J2]

Great part for setting up rear cantilever style brakes

Jagwire 5mm CGX-SL Brake Housing - 1 foot

Cost effective high performance brake cable housing with a little extra flare!

SimWorks by Nissen Talking Parts Italian Brake Housing

A complete reproduction of a steel rounded outer cable which used to be produced between 1950 and around 1970.

Velo Orange Metallic Braid Cable and Housing Kit

The Metallic Braid Brake Kit adds the perfect touch of class to any randonneur, touring, and city bike.

Jagwire Inline Barrel Adjuster for Brakes single [D11]

Single barrel adjuster for your brake cable runs.

Jagwire Pro Polished Slick Stainless Brake Cable

STS-PS - pre-stretched, polished, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Jagwire Shift Cable

For SRAM or Shimano Shift systems

Jagwire Lex-SL 4mm Shift Housing - 1 Foot

4mm shift housing in all the fun colurs! Linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner

Shimano SM-BH90 Hosing for Hydraulic Disc Brakes per foot

Replacement hose for Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Jagwire Lined Brake Ferrule 5mm

Improve lever feel and extend your cable and housing life with lined ferrules!

Shimano Nexus Coaster Brake Arm Clip Unit (3/4" 19mm) (Y33F98100)

Small Replacement Part for: Shimano SG-7C12

Shimano ST-9000 ST Nose Cap with Short Tongue, For STI Shifter (Single)

For clean routing of cables into contemporary Shimano STI shifters

Problem Solvers Dual Cable Backstop (Clamp on cable stop) [D10]

Problem Solvers Backstop Frame-mounted clamp-on housing stop. For use when installing internal hubs or linear pull brakes on frames lacking necessary housing braze-ons.

Jagwire Pro Polished Slick Stainless Shift Cable

STS-PS - pre-stretched, polished, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Shimano OTRS900 Flexible 4mm Shift Housing for Road Shadow Rear Derailleur 240mm

The SHIMANO RS900 Shift Outer Casing helps ensure smooth shifting action of the rear derailleur thanks to its superior construction and materials.

Jagwire Slick Brake Cable - Tandem

Extra long brake cables for your tandem!

Dia Compe Cable Housing Clip (Bag of 3)

Perfect for routing housing on bikes without braze-on cable guides.

Jagwire LEX-SL 4mm Shift Housing - Black - Per Foot

Jagwire LEX-SL lubricated housing is a great upgrade over the stock housing that comes with most bikes. Replacing your shift housing regularly can help keep your shifting smooth and crisp.
Mon-Fri 10-6 and Sat 11-6
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