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Tektro Brake Lever FL-750 Short Pull

Add a classic flair to your flat bar road bike conversion, or upgrade your old levers!

Tektro Road Brake R526 Short/Shmedium Reach 39-54mm Caliper Black

Versatile front brake that makes for a great upgrade or replacement!

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pad K03S shape resin disc brake pad

Kool Stop is a name you can brake on! Their aftermarket pads are some of the highest quality replacements available for improving the performance of your OEM pads.

Cane Creek Standard Non-Aero Replacement Hoods

Keep your bike looking fresh with replacement rubber for classic non-aero style drop bar brake levers.

Problem Solvers Double Barrel Brake Lever

Designed for use with long-pull brakes, the Double Barrel levers allow two brakes to be actuated with one hand.

Velo Orange City Brake Levers 22.2mm pair

Made to fit the style of classic city bike brake levers of old these are a great option for flat bar bikes with cantilever or caliper brakes.

Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads - KS-D620 - Shimano B01S shape Semi-Metallic

A great replacement option for your Shimano, TRP or Tektro brakes. Kool Stop uses thicker pad material for more life!

Shimano BR-R353 V-Brake For Flat Bar Road

Great replacement option for cantilever or short pull v-brakes.

SRAM Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers

The Speed Dial 7 is the smooth and powerful way to control linear pull or mechanical disc brakes. They are super easy to install and adjust-so you can dial in the modulation just the way you like.

Alhonga Caliper Brake, Front & Rear

* Brake set front & rear

* Silver Alloy

* Dual Pivot

Tektro RL-340 Road Brake Levers

Great upgrade for more vintage style road bikes with downtube shifters. These levers are a lot more comfortable than vintage drop bar levers.

SRAM Avid FR-5 Brake Lever Single Black

This workhorse of a lever is side agnostic so it can be flipped to operate front or rear. Reach adjustment allows you to dial in the comfort to your preference.

Galfer Road Disc Brake Pad

The Road G1455 is a new brake pad compound specifically developed to offer the best performance on road and under all weather conditions. Stops faster and lasts longer than any other pad on the market!
C$44.00 C$38.00

Jagwire Road Sport-S Brake Pad

Great price and great performance to get your road bike stopped faster! The lowest priced cartridge style brake shoe on the market.

Kool-Stop Shimano Semi-Metallic KS-D635 Disc Brake Pads G03A shape M9000/M8000 [S2]

*New pad shape change, no longer a star shaped head on KS-D635 models, now pads have a rounded head, both are compatible*

Shimano BR-M375 Mountain Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Front or rear, Post Mount, No rotor Black (Resin Pads)

With light braking action and clean cable routing, the M375 mechanical disc brake delivers reliable braking power and modulation.

Kool Stop Thinline V-Brake Pads

Best option for V-brake equipped bikes with narrow tire clearance or narrow brake tracks!
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Worker Owned since 1997
Happy 25th Anniversay to us!
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