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Park Tool

Park Tool TW-6.2 Click-type Torque Wrench 12-60 NM

With today’s lightweight components, torque wrench use in ..

Park Tool SW-7.2 Three Way Spoke Wrench

Versatile spoke wrench for the home mechanic with multiple w..

Park Tool HCW-11 Tool For Adjustable Cups, 16mm / 2 notches

To fit your slotted bottom bracket adjusting cup.

Park Tool FR-5.2 Cassette Lockring Tool

The perfect tool for keeping a fresh cassette on your drive ..

Park Tool PCS-9.3 Portable Repair Stand

The PCS-9.3 is a basic folding bicycle work stand designed a..

Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench

The ultimate cone wrench designed for shop use, but ideal fo..

Parktool Tire Lever Set TL-4.2

The TL-4.2 features a wide flat tip for easy entry and fast ..

Park Tool FR-1.3 Freewheel Removal Tool

Keep your E-Bike on the road with this tool for changing fre..

Park Tool BBT-22 Cartridge Type Bottom Bracket Tool, For 3/8'' Drive Ratchet

Best tool for removing stubborn square taper, octalink or IS..

Park Tool BBT-4 Bottom Bracket Tool with Handle

The BBT-4 is designed for the installation and removal of bo..

Park Tool CT-5 Compact Chain Tool

This small chain tool goes anywhere and actually performs li..

Park Tool FR-2 Freewheel Remover

Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or ..

Park Tool BBT-32 Bottom Bracket Tool For Cartridge Type

Great tool for the home mechanic servicing square taper or s..

Park Tool TW-5.2 Click Type Torque Wrench 3-15 Nm

Great for keeping your bars, seatpost and accessories at the..

Park Tool SA-1 Shop Apron Black 30" Long

Protect your clothes and gain the advantage of large pouch p..

Park Tool BBB-4 Big Blue Book of Bike Repair 4th Edition

The 4th edition of the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is up..

Park Tool Long Lever Allen Key with Handle

Great tool for pedals or hard to remove crank caps or stem b..

Park Tool CCW-5 Crank Bolt Wrench, 8mm Hex And 14mm Socket

Tool for removing crank retaining bolts on square taper cran..

Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Cleans bicycle chain quickly, easily, and effectively — wi..

Park Tool SR-12.2 Chain Whip 5-12 Speed

Updated to fit current 12-speed cassettes, this combination ..

Park Tool HCW-18 One-Piece Crank Bottom Bracket Spanner

Essential tool for adjusting one piece cranks and bottom bra..
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997