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Jagwire 5mm CGX-SL Brake Housing - 1 foot

Cost effective high performance brake cable housing with a little extra flare!

Jagwire 5MM KEB-SL Compressionless Brake Housing - 1 Foot

Compressionless brake housing eliminates flex from cable actuated braking systems, increasing power and improving lever feel.

Jagwire Slick Brake Cable - 2000mm

Perfect for re-cabling your bike so you can ditch the Flinstones technique!

Jagwire LEX-SL 4mm Shift Housing - Black - Per Foot

Jagwire LEX-SL lubricated housing is a great upgrade over the stock housing that comes with most bikes. Replacing your shift housing regularly can help keep your shifting smooth and crisp.

Jagwire Straddle Cable Carrier Single

Replacement straddle carrier for cantilever brakes.

Jagwire Slick Brake Cable - Tandem

Extra long brake cables for your tandem!

Jagwire, Elite Stainless Steel Ultra-Slick, Brake cable, 1.5mm x 1700mm, Road, Shimano/SRAM, Unit

These ultra-slick stainless cables deliver the ultimate low-friction performance!

Jagwire Stick-on Cable Guide Single [D9]

Handy do-dad for simple cable housing management

Jagwire Pro Polished Slick Stainless Brake Cable

STS-PS - pre-stretched, polished, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Jagwire Rubber Noodle Boot (Single)

Noodle boot? What kind of bike shop is this? Who puts boots on noodles?

Jagwire Road Sport-S Brake Pad

Great price and great performance to get your road bike stopped faster! The lowest priced cartridge style brake shoe on the market.

Jagwire Tektro IO Brake Pad Sport Semi Metallic

Replacement semi-metallic resin brake pads for Tektro IO brakes.

Jagwire Sealed Ferrules Shift 4mm Alloy Single [D14]

Essential for the foul weather cyclist, and the fair weather rider who wants to spend less time replacing cables and housing!

Jagwire Disc Brake Pads - Avid BB7/Juicy Semi-Metallic

A great performance and budget option for replacing Avid BB7 OEM pads!

Jagwire Switchback V-Brake Cartridge Brake Pads Black

Jagwire's premium Pro All-Weather compound for the perfect balance of all-weather stopping power and low pad wear.

Jagwire 5mm Double-Ended Connecting/Junction Ferrule

The easy way to extend housing runs and join x2 lengths together using these double-ended junction end caps

Jagwire Brake Noodle, Bend Flexi, Short

Short flexible noodle for Mini-V and V-Brakes

Jagwire Shift Cable For Tandem Shimano 1.1mm x 4445mm

Sport level derailleur cables come in a variety of cable end setups to fit most bikes at a quality level well above normal OEM cables.

Jagwire Basics Road Brake Pads Black

The most economical option for getting your road bike stopped!

Jagwire Rocket II Barrell Adjuster for STI Shifters (2 Adjusters)

Rocket II direct cable adjusters fit into Shimano STI shifters with external shift cable routing.

Jagwire Inline Barrel Adjuster for Brakes single [D11]

Single barrel adjuster for your brake cable runs.

Jagwire Lex-SL 4mm Shift Housing - 1 Foot

4mm shift housing in all the fun colurs! Linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997