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Dynamo Lighting & Parts

Spanninga NR9 XDS Rear Light - Dynamo - Fender Mount

A modern remake of the metal teardrop tail lights made popular in the 50’s and which have been Spanninga’s flagship for decades, the Nr. 9 tail light comes with retro styling and 21st century reliability!

Busch & Müller IQ-XS Dynamo Head Light

The Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ-XS is a dynamo headlight that takes the state of the art optics runs a staggering 70 LUX.

Busch & Müller MYC N-Plus 50Lux Dynamo Head Light Black

The Busch & Muller Lumotec MYC N Plus Front Dynamo Light has a design inspired by classic German Zepplin airships and would look fantastic on any modern city bike.

Spanninga Pimento XDS Rear Light Rack Mounted - Dynamo

The PIMENTO rearlight is a ground-breaking and innovative light. It features the most recent technologies within the market (e.g. COB LED technology).

Busch & Muller Toplight Flat S Plus Dynamo Rear Light

Dynamo-powered LED tail light with LineTec for improved visibility.

Spanninga Elips XDS Rear Light - Dynamo - Rack Mount

The ELIPS rearlight offers an elegant and very bright light solution for carrier mounting.

Busch & Muller Saddle Rail Bracket for Mounting Rear Dynamo Lights [B3]

Suitable for all standard saddles. Good alternative to mount strong, rack spaced rear dynamo lights just below the saddle.

Busch & Müller part wire double strand with 3mm connectors attached 185cm [B2]

Two-core, length 1850mm, PVC-free insulated
Single core: 424KS/4/185
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