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Bottle Cages

Arundel Looney Bin Adjustable Bottle Cage

Urbane's top choice for hydration and fun! Every bike needs a Looney bin for easy on the go hydration and storage.

SimWorks John Cage

A graceful blend of utility and understated expression.

Tanaka Eight Move Bottle Cage

The Eight Moves bottle cages has eight mounting slots to allows to be adjusted up and down to make room for another cage or a frame bag, etc.

Zefal Vintage Bottle Cage

Classic, elegant bottle cage.

Water Bottle Cage

A simple and economical bottle cage!

Arundel Flip Flop Bottle Cage Black

The Flip Flop has a flexible design allowing the owner to mount it left or right without losing the security and good fit that you get with proper lower and upper tabs.

49N DLX Handlebar Bottle Cage

Bottle Cage to mount on your handlebars, or other accessory mounts.

Blackburn Competition Bottle Cage

An original Jim Blackburn cage design. Proven quality, affordable price.

Arundel Sport Bottle Cage

The Sport is made of Nylon reinforced plastic. Sports are as tough as nails and hold bottles well in all conditions and any application. They have two sets of mounting holes to allow the best fit possible.

Topeak Modula Bottle Cage II

Innovative diameter adjustment system makes adapting the Modula™ Cage from traditional cycling water bottle sizes to store bought bottled water containers quick and simple… just push a button and slide to fit. Constructed of engineering-grade plastic 

Arundel Polished Stainless Bottle Cage

Stainless 4.2mm stainless steel tubing bent in the same graceful curves as our original model. The mounting spine is a stamped piece of art. The finished cage is polished to a brilliant shine and will add to the aesthetics of any machine.

Velo Orange Handlebar to Bottle Cage Mount

The VO bottle cage mount allows you to affix water bottle cages on your handlebars.
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997