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Folding Bike Accessories

Tern Spartan Front Rack Gen 1 74mm

Carry more stuff on your Tern folding bike without compromising stability!

Tern Storm Box for GSD

When combined with the Clubhouse+™ and Sidekick™ Wide Decks, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive, weather-protected bucket.

Tern Market Basket Black

The Tern Market Basket is big, beautiful, and easy to convert from a hand-basket to a bike-basket. It’s large enough to hold a backpack or a weekend’s worth of groceries, and it’s built to last.

Tern Bucketload Pannier

The Vektron Carry-All

Tern Rapid Transit Rack

The Rapid Transit Rack makes it easy to ride to work every day, by solving the biggest hassle with folding bikes: navigating the metro when folded.

Tern Kontti Basket - Black

Super cute rear basket

Tern Valo Direct E-bike Head light

Replacement Headlight Tern Bikes and e-Bikes, but battery powered!

Tern Transporteur Front Rack

A great modular rack for fitting your life into your while hauling and getting stuff done!

Tern Go-To Front Bag

The Go-To Bag is a large messenger bag with plenty of room for your daily essentials, including your laptop, cables, rain coat, extra set of clothes, packed lunch—you name it.

Tern Hold 'Em Front Basket

The Tern Hold ’Em Basket is a stout front basket that mounts on your frame when paired with the Luggage Truss or Luggage Truss CMT for stable steering in the city.

Tern Kanga Front Rack

Small and lightweight front rack! Quick release for easy on/off!

Tern Magnetix 2.0 Replacement Magnet

Replacment magnet assembly to keep your Tern bicycle securely latched!

Tern Luggage Truss Black CMT

The Luggage Truss CMT lets you mount cargo on the bike frame instead of the front fork, for improved steering stability and a wobble-free ride. Compatible only with Tern bikes equipped with the robust Combo Mount—such as the HSD, GSD and the BYB.

Tern Loader Rear Rack

Built from 6061 lightweight aluminum and with a triangular design for strengthened support, the Loader Rack carries loads up to 25 kg (55 lb) without a hassle. This KLICKfix™ compatible rear rack supports compatible bags and baskets, and its lower side tu

Tern Nitelite Rear

Rear-facing lights that mount to your Tern Clubhouse or Captain's Chair

Tern Sidekicks Stirrups

The Sidekick Stirrups offer comfy and convenient foot support for your big kid passenger on the Quick Haul or HSD. Flexible material hugs the sides of the feet, and three secured points keep the passenger’s legs tucked safely against the sides of the bike

Tern HQ Front Bag

The HQ Bag is a slim office bag designed to fit all your daily essentials and to work brilliantly on or off the bike!

Tern Sidekick Wide Decks for GSD

The Sidekick Wide Decks extend the GSD’s integrated lower decks widthwise to 12 cm.

Tern Sidekick Wheel Guard M (for HSD, Quick Haul, Short Haul)

The Sidekick™ GSD Wheel Guard is a pair of mesh covers that protect the feet of young passengers on the rear of the GSD, whether they are sitting on the Sidekick Seat Pad or on a child seat that doesn't have footrest panels against the wheel.

Tern Shortbed Tray

The Shortbed Tray is a heavy-duty cargo upgrade for the GSD that carries serious loads low to the ground.

Tern Luggage Truss G2 Black

Almost every Tern bike* is built with a hidden Easter-egg. Pop off the head-badge (gently!) to find two screw holes. Attach a Luggage Truss, and mount cargo conveniently on the front of your frame.

Tern End Plug (Big Plug for Capt. Chair, Clubhouse, Clubhouse+, Vektron frames)

End Plug for Clubhouse, Clubhouse+, Clubhouse Mini, or Vektron Frame Stand.

Tern End Plug For Rear Rack (Small Plug; Compatible with GSD/HSD/Vektron Gen 2/Quick Haul/Short Haul/NBD)

End Plug for GSD, HSD, Vektron, Quick Haul, Short Haul, and NBD rear racks.

Tern Nitelite Side

The Nitelite Side helps you stay safe on the road by making your bike more visible. Whether you're riding at night or in the rain, this pair of amber LED lights makes it easy for drivers approaching from the sides to spot you at intersections, and for tho
Open 10 - 6 Mon - Fri & 11 - 6 Sat
Toronto's Best Bike Repair
Worker-Owned Since 1997