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Bag Accessories

Ortlieb Foldable Carrying System for Bike Pannier - Backpack Harness Black

The Carrying System Bike Pannier quickly converts your bike bag into a backpack, allowing you to go from bike to foot and back again!

Ortlieb Accessory Packing Cube

At last there’s an end to all that searching! On trips or in everyday use as inserts for Back-Rollers, Bike-Packers, Velo-Shoppers or Duffles, these inserts bring structure and order to the chaos inside your bags.
C$69.00 C$55.20


Attach your water bottle cage to your Ortlieb Ultimate Six bag!
C$22.00 C$17.60

Ortlieb QLS mount for Fork Pack

The Quick-Lock S System lets you fix your Fork-Pack easily and securely on a wheel!
C$30.00 C$24.00

Ortlieb QL2.1 Lower Anchoring Hook, 1 piece

For all models with the QL2.1 system. If your mounting system's lower anchoring hook is lost or worn, you can easily replace it with a new anchoring hook.

Ortlieb Shoulder Strap for Ultimate 3-6 Grey 116cm

Shoulder strap for your Ultimate Plus, including plastic shoulder pad.

For all Ultimate Plus models up to 2015.

Ortlieb Pannier Anchor for All Models QL1 + onwards

The special tension belt for bike bags with the QL1 mounting system allows you to attach your pannier more securely to your bike rack and prevent it from shifting around while you ride. Ideal for bags without a lower anchoring hook.
C$14.00 C$11.20

Ortlieb Shoulder Pad Removable

Replacement/Upgrade shoulder pad designed to fit up to a 50mm shoulder strap.
C$33.00 C$26.40

Ortlieb Pannier QL2.1 hooks handle insert (16mm with 8,10,12mm shims)

Worn, broken or lost QL2.1 mounting hooks? No problem! Simply replace the hooks with a new set of QL2.1 hooks and adjustable handle. For Office-Bag, Commuter-Bag, Commuter-Bag Two.

Ortlieb Urban Shoulder Gray 150cm (For Commuter-Bag and Rack-Pack Urban)

For all Commuter-Bag and Rack-Pack Urban models. Shoulder strap with shoulder pad for your Commuter-Bag Two and Rack-Pack Urban.
C$40.00 C$32.00

Ortlieb Handlebar Bag Shoulder Strap for Ultimate 3-6 Black

A shoulder strap for your Ultimate 3 to Ultimate Six handlebar bag.
C$18.00 C$14.40

Ortlieb Frame Pack RC Clamping Rubber O-Rings

Clamping rubber to securely close your Frame-Pack RC or Frame-Pack Toptube.

Ortlieb Transparent Document Bag

Perfect for safe storage of maps, passports and other important documents while travelling. The dust and waterproof transparent bags are made of UV, tear and crease resistant fabric with seams as tough as the material itself.
C$27.00 C$21.60

Ortlieb Lower rail for QL2.1

Replace a lost or worn semi-elliptical rail with a new bracket.
C$11.00 C$8.80

Ortlieb Outer Pocket

The versatile and removable outer pocket offers space for important items like tools, first-aid-kit and more!

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Map Case

if you like to use good, old-fashioned maps on your bike tours, then the waterproof map case with roll-Velcro closure will be a welcome accessory for your ORTLIEB Ultimate handlebar bag. Use the attachment set to attach your map case to your Ultimate bag

Ortlieb X-Stealth Buckle (Plug/Socket) 2 pieces

For all models from 1999.
C$10.00 C$8.00

Ortlieb Shoulder Strap (Grey) For Back Roller/Sport Roller

Universal shoulder strap for Back-Roller and Sport-Roller models. Includes plastic shoulder pad and side-release buckle.

For all Back-Roller and Sport-Roller models, as well as Plus models from 2015.

Fidlock Dry Bag Maxi Medium

Compact magnetic self-sealing bag with patented GOOPER® technology
C$57.00 C$45.60

Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bag

Flexible magnetic self-sealing bag! Should the weather turn bad you can be assured that your valuables with the safe and dry!
C$63.00 C$50.40

Ortlieb Anti-Theft Device for QL2.1 Bags

A short diversion on foot or a small café break without baggage is less hassle now. No problem, the securing cable, in combination with a cable or U-lock, reliably prevents bike and motorcycle panniers with QL2 and QL2.1 against theft.

Ortlieb Outer Mesh Pocket

A lightweight removable mesh pocket great for storing and airing a helmet, shoes, or clothing!
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