Touring Gear

There is nothing more liberating then taking to the open road on two wheels. We love traveling by bike and we have the expierence to back it up! If you want to see world renowned touring gear you should take some time to soak in the variety of accessories and components we stock. Feel free to get in touch if you need help selecting the proper additions to your touring rig or if you need any suggestions!

Ortlieb Waterproof

Tubus Carrier Systems



Pannier bags are designed to attach to a rack as part of a traditional touring setup. This style of bag offers the maximum storage potential of bike bags and have been the go-to cargo solution for the touring cyclist for decades.


A quality rack can make or break a touring setup. Choosing the right racks for your bike and bag choice will make life on the road much easier. Take into account the wheelbase and heel clearance required as well as your bike rack mounting eyelets and braze-ons (or lack there-of!). There are often work-arounds to make a rack work on most bikes (even if they don't appear compatible) so get in touch if you have any questions while selecting what works best for you!

Handlebar bags, packs, and accessory mounts

Handlebar bags keep all your essentials close at hand while on the road. You can easily access your daily necessities while you straddle the bike or even while you ride. Handlebar bags are often a popular choice for the touring photographers so you don't miss that great roadside shot! We stock a range of handle bar bags, rolls, packs, and pouches to hold all your adventure necessities.


If you choose to use traditional bottle setups, or carry a pack with a water bladder, we have numerous options for your long distance riding needs. We also carry a range of adapters to help mount extra bottles to different parts of your bike.

Lighting and Dynamos

Lighting is one of the most important safety concerns while touring. Days can be long and don't always go to plan-so plan ahead and bring a quality light setup to help safely arrive at your destination! We stock a range of dynamo charging and lighting systems, battery operated and USB rechargeable lights.

Trailers and trailer accessories

Trailers have been a staple piece of cyclo-touring gear for years. A trailer can take surplus weight off the bike and can help keep your bike lighter and more manageable. Many touring cyclists and tandem riders often favour trailers to avoid excess frame flex and remove some stress from the rear wheel.