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Revelate Designs Handlebar Harness

Revelate Designs Handlebar Harness
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The Harness is a semi-rigid mount designed to carry drybags, packrafts, stuff sacks or other cylindrical shaped objects. Think of the Handlebar Harness as a "soft" rack with built in straps that excels at carrying light, bulky loads. The Harness integrates any of our front pockets for highly versatile carrying system.

Relying on a flexiable connection, the Harness is crash-proof as there are no rigid connections to fail if you wreck in the middle of nowhere. Our 3 strap design allows for balanced and easy bag mounting - center the load and fasten the middle strap first, then the outer 2.

Harness Features

Molded rubber spacer blocks provide offset from handlebars reducing lever & cable interference
Dual fiberglass cross bars provide lateral stiffness to the outward straps, top and bottom
3 layer laminated closed cell foam and fabric construction
Optional attachment straps for front pocket attachment
Cam locking crown / head tube center strap with EVA spacer block

Drop bar users - The Harness works fine with drop bars; you are limited in the width of the main bag you mount in it, but can opt for a larger diameter drybag.

The Harness is ideal for widely varying loads and when you need quick access to your stuff sack or drybag. They can carry tents, minus 40 sleeping systems, packrafts, ultralight cuben drybags and mini kegs. Use your imagination.

Disk or V Brake only - The Harness is NOT compatible with cantilever or road style front brakes with a vertical exposed cable.

15 lb weight limit.

Part Numbers

857192003384 revhh 61926