Pitlock Locking Axle Nut

Pitlock Locking Axle Nut
$65.00 - $120.00
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Pitlock locking axle skewers, nuts and bolts are the best and most secure anti-theft devices for your bicycle components on the market. Their unique key system and tamper-proof German design ensure that your expensive wheels, saddles, seat posts and other components stay on your bike where they belong.

These locking axle nuts secure your solid axle wheels to prevent theft. Available as singles or paired sets, they are the best way to protect your valuable internal gear hubs, dynamo, or track wheels. Be sure to know your axle threading before ordering!

*Note* It is possible to have Pitlock sets made with the same key. If you have purchased one Pitlock set, and wish to have another set keyed the same, please contact us.

Unfortunately, the solid axle sets cannot be keyed the same as the hollow axle skewers.