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Phil Wood Genuine Hunk of Plastic

Phil Wood Genuine Hunk of Plastic
Does not include Genuine Phil Wood Hunk of Metal. This listing is for plastic only.
This item is currently not available.


Sorry... We don't know what this does.

However, it has been said that this genuine Phil Wood hunk of plastic can cure many cycling ills in undefinable ways.

Do your cycling friends laugh at you because you don't have enough names on your bike? Tape this somewhere, you'll probably go faster as well!

Supplied with an inauthentic certificate of Phil Woodiness which we'll write on some scrap paper. Please include details of which mythical animal you'd like heading the certificate in the order notes.

*Urbane Cyclist cannot back up any and/or all of it's claims in regards to the Phil Wood Genuine Hunk of Plastic. If you rub it and it turns out there is a Genie or some other form of Djinn hiding in there, please remember us in your wishes.

Part Numbers

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