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Nokon Nokon Silver Campagnolo Shift Cable Kit

Nokon Nokon Silver Campagnolo Shift Cable Kit

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Product Details

Nokon Nokon Silver Campagnolo Shift Cable Kit

The innovative Nokon cabling system with patented ball joint technology brings cables to the 21st century.

This has been made possible through the application of a new and ingenious kind of technology – flexible link joints combined with a pressure-stable outer sheath resulting in absolute precision in gears and brakes. For use with: Brakes and gears for both Road and Mountain bikes as well as being compatible with: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo.

Good quality gear cables will have a dramatic effect on the feel and function of your drivetrain. Fully sealed systems are particularly good for MTB's used off-road or your winter bike as they prevent the ingress of water and muck, they have the benefit of requiring minimal maintenance, which is always nice. A good quality gear cable will provide a smoother lever feel, along with sharper and more precise shifting.
About the Nokon brand

Imagine...a single system for index shifting and braking. Imagine...a fiber glass reinforced Teflon liner for that no friction feel. Imagine...a cable housing made from light weight, corrosion free aluminum. Imagine...tight cable runs that are no problem. Imagine all this and more in a cable system that has been tested under the harshest conditions by the best riders in the world in the Tour de France. Welcome to Nokon-the cable and housing system for the 21st century.

Features and Information

  • Decrease friction even on tight cable runs
  • Compression resistant cable housing
  • Lighter than standard cables
  • For use with, Brakes or gears for both Road and Mountain Bikes.
  • Compatible with: SRAM and Campagnolo.
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