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Lumos Kickstart MIPS Helmet

 Lumos Kickstart MIPS Helmet
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This innovative helmet combines an amazing array of lighting options with class-leading crash protection to add peace of mind. White LEDs in front, red in back increase your visibility to motorists. They work in concert with (not in place of) your bike-mounted lights to help keep you seen. A companion app (available for iOS and Android devices) lets you program different lighting patterns, check your battery life and even track your ride data and upload to one of several fitness apps. The included wireless remote mounts to your handlebars and serves a couple of functions: Turn signal buttons activate yellow LED arrays that help make your turning intentions more obvious (you should still signal with your hands, though). An internal accelerometer detects abrupt decreases in speed and triggers a separate array of red rear LEDs to help you signal that you're braking. If you crash, MIPS technology decreases rotational force to your head, helping prevent brain injury more effectively than your average helmet.

- Low profile design.
- Well-ventilated for high output riding.
-Adjustable retention system.
- MIPS technology reduces rotational force to the head in the event of a fall, lessening the potential damage to your brain.
- Integrated white LEDs in front and red LEDs in back.
- Left and right turn signals on back of helmet are activated via a wireless remote to enhance your hand signals.
- Wireless remote has an internal accelerometer that engages a solid red lighting pattern when it detects decreases in speed, helping to warn traffic behind you.
- Remote can be mounted in a variety of positions on handlebars, with no hardware required.
- Helmet and remote are charged with an included charging cable.
- Lights last up to 3 hours in solid mode and 6 hours in flashing mode (actual run time varies according to conditions and settings).
- Full charge time is 2 hours.
- Completely weatherproof.
- Lumos helmet companion app (available on iOS and Google Play store) lets you use your phone to update helmet settings, check battery levels, track your ride info and even push it to Strava or Apple Health.
- Fits head circumferences of 54-61 cm

Part Numbers

858718007855 850388-01-U 73045