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Jagwire Shift Housing LEX-SL Black

Jagwire Shift Housing LEX-SL Black
$2.00 per foot
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Price is per foot of housing

Sport brake housing packs high performance features into a colorful and durable package, making it a functional and aesthetic upgrade.

- Slick-Lube lined housing reduces friction for faster cable movement and better shifting performance

- Linear strand construction for compressionless performance

- Appropriate for Teflon® coated cables as well as steel and galvanized

- 4.0mm outer diameter solid colors

LEX-SL - linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner

Linear Strand, Lubricated

Linear strands of steel are used to encircle the Slick-Lube Liner creating a compressionless ring. This delivers responsive, precise, crisp performance necessary in shift applications.

Part Numbers

280055-01 Box of 150 71990