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Bitex RAR12 Rear Road Hub

Bitex RAR12 Rear Road Hub
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Bitex hubs are one of the best values on the market today. Don't let the price fool you. These very lightweight hubs are of the highest quality, as a few quick Google searches will show you. They are carefully machined and use high quality TPI and Enduro bearings. Thousands of happy cyclists have been enjoying these hubs for years, with or without a logo. They have been a go-to hub for countless wheel builders around the world looking for value and quality.

Weight 213g
Length 130mm
Bearings 4 sealed Enduro or TPI bearings (2 x 6802, 2 x 6902)
Pawls 6 Pawls
Driveside PCD 49.6mm
Non-Driveside PCD 38mm
NDS Flange-to-Center 37.3mm
DS Flange-to-Center 17.1mm
Hole Diameter 2.6mm
Axle Al-7075
Body CNC Machined Al-6061