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Surly Rolling Darryl Rim
$252.00 $280.00 10% Off
Surly's Rolling Darryl Rim is a seriously wide single-walled rim. It's made to give wide tires an even wider footprint for better traction. Run low tire pressure and this 82mm wide rim will let you rock crawl over boulders and float through sand like you never thought possible. The material between the spokes is drilled out to reduce weight.
HED Belgium Plus Rim 700c (622)
An amazing 25mm rim which is great for any custom build. Available in a wide range of hole/rim styles. The wider rim accommodates wider tires while creating a more 'teardrop' style profile rather than the more classic 'bulb' seen on narrower rims. The teardrop shape creates less aerodynamic drag while mimicking tubular ride qualities on a clincher tire. Features and Information Handbuilt Wheel Options
Boyd Cycling Altamont Lite Rim 700c (622)
The new Altamont Lite features the same rim bed, same width, and same shape as the 2016 Altamont, but with a 25mm deep profile. This gives a strong, yet very lightweight wheelset option that is a great option for those looking for the ultimate in an alloy climbing wheelset.
Boyd Cycling Altamont Rim 700c (622)
The 2016 Altamont features a new tubeless rim bed profile with a bead locking shape. Run tubeless road wheels at high pressures, or even cross tubeless clinchers at low pressures. The rim bed is designed to lock the tire beads into place and prevent burping the tire. The wide center channel allows for side by side bead mounting (not stacked like with a narrow rounded center channel). This makes for much easier mounting and inflation; no more breaking tire levers and relying on an air compressor for inflation!! Of course, clincher tube and tire systems work perfectly with the new Altamonts. If you are not running tubeless, your favorite tire can still be used flawlessly.
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The ‘reference’ rim up until the past decade, the Mavic Open Pro rim finally gets an update. 19mm inner width, UST tubeless compatible, 430g weight. Open Pro is the latest version of Mavic "Open" (ie. clincher) rims, and as such is the most advanced evolution. Optimized up to the limit of material potential, Open Pro is probably the best road rim available. It is made Maxtal, an aluminum alloy that is 30% more resistant than a 6106 alloy, for lighter and stronger rims.
H Plus Son TB14 700c Rim
TB14 was inspired by the classic aesthetics of rims from the era when steel frames ruled competitive cycling and benefits from contemporary improvements in rim manufacture and profile design. The pairing of a 23mm wide profile with a 23mm tire is fast becoming the industry standard for competitive road cycling. The wider rim adds stiffness and gives a profile that resembles a tubular tire. The advantage of this rim/tire profile can be felt immediately when taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped like a light bulb, flopping over with high loads. The TB14 is made with the stiffer and stronger G609 aluminum alloy and features their unique and invisible welded joint. Rims are anodized after machining.
H Plus Son Archetype 700c Rim
$104.00 - $120.00 $120.00 - $130.00 Up to 20% Off
The perfect all around road rim. At 470 grams, this rim has proven to be light yet not sacrificing strength, stiffness, and stability. The well accepted 23mm wide profile mimics a tubular tire, where the advantage can be felt immediately while taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped as a light bulb, flopping over with high load. The impeccable H Plus Son workmanship and their invisible welded rim joint comes standard with each rim.
Mavic A 719
Featuring the most renowned Mavic technologies, the A 719 is the benchmark rim for the trekking and touring market. This rim is SUP-welded and features wide, UB Control machined braking surfaces for enduring strength and control in the roughest road conditions.
Mavic A719 700c Rim
Featuring the most renown Mavic technologies, A 719 is the benchmark rim for the trekking and tour market (All Road). SUP welded, wide, UB Control machined braking surface, its endurance enables to accumulate kilometres in the roughest road conditions. Weight : 565 grams (700C)
Mavic Open Pro C
One of the most celebrated rims in the history of road cycling, Mavic’s Open Pro remains the example to which high-end aluminum road rims are compared. Its design is tried and true, and its Maxtal material delivers a perfectly balanced strong, rigid, and lightweight wheel build. It also features Mavic’s Soudé Usiné Process (SUP), a process by which the rim is arc welded and machined smooth, resulting in a stronger rim joint and better rim balance, as well as smooth, shudder-free braking. Ride a pair of Open Pros and you’ll understand why so many experienced riders swear by them. - Clincher
Kinlin XC-279 Clincher Rim 700c
KinLin's XC-279 rim is a wider version of their XR-270 with a rounder cross section. The width has been increased 4mm, from 19mm to 23mm at the brake track. The profile is rounded at the nipples making it more comparable in shape to HED's Belgium C2 rim. The profile is 1 mm taller as well. The rim is, like all KinLin rims, extruded from a superlight Niobium-Aluminum alloy and joined with a high quality sleeved joint. Finish work on these rims includes glossy anodization and machined sidewalls.
Kinlin XR-270 Clincher Rim 700c
$70.00 - $80.00
At just 445 grams and with a depth of 27mm, the Kinlin XR-270 is a perfect balance of lightness, aerodynamics, and stiffness. Weight: 445 g Width: 19 mm Depth: 27 mm
Kinlin XR-300 Clincher Rim 700c
With a depth of 30 mm, the Kinlin XR-300 is an aerodynamic rim with extraordinary stiffness, but with very little weight penalty. Weight: 465 g Width: 19 mm Depth: 30 mm
Pacenti SL25 V2 Rim 700c (622)
$56.00 $140.00 60% Off
Much like the venerated SL23, the SL25 will soon be regarded as the best rim in it's class. The SL25 is made from heat treated 6061-T6 alloy, features a tubeless friendly bead well and seat design, welded construction and a disc brake specific profile. The SL25 is a perfect rim for road racing, training, cyclo-cross and XC use. There is no rider weight limit on the SL25. Maximum recommend spoke tension is 125kgf.
Mavic T261 700c Rim
$25.00 $85.00 71% Off
These 48 hole 700c rims are perfect for tandem or serious touring duty.
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