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Service - Brake/Shift Combo Installation
$40.00 - $75.00
Installation of Brake/Shift combination levers. Includes new cable install but not bar taping.
Service - Extract Crank with Stripped Threads
Extract a crankset with stripped threads. This is an invasive procedure which will render the cranks unusable but will enable the installation of a new crankset on the bike.
Service - Crank Installation
$12.50 - $30.00
Installation of the crankset on the bicycle. (Identical) - Where the replacement crankset is an exact match for the original.
Service - Derailleur Installation
The front/rear derailleur is installed on the bicycle.
Service - Shifter Installation
Shifter installation includes new cable installation. Parts not included.
Service - Chain Installation
Installation of chain on your bike. Chain not included. Additional charges may apply for non-standard bikes such as recumbents and tandems.
Service - Derailleur Adjustment
Adjust derailleur correctly. Parts not included.
Service - Chainring Installation (each)
Installation of each chainring on the bicycle/crankset.
Service - Cog/Cassette/Freewheel Installation
Installation of your cog/freewheel or cassette on the bicycle wheel. (cog/freewheel/cassette not included)
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