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Service Items

Service - Hydraulic Line Installation
Hydraulic line installation and brake bleed. Price is per brake and parts are not included.
Service - Brake Installation
$25.00 - $35.00
Installation of brake calipers, v-brakes or cantilever brakes on the bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Chainguard/Case Installation
$18.75 - $35.00
Installation of chainguard/case on your bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Classes - Bicycle ABC's
$30.00 - $35.00
The Bicycle ABC’s Class is designed for people who want to know the basics of operating and maintaining their bike. We will go over the essentials of how to remove your wheels and how to install new tubes in case you get a flat on the road. We'll also show you the proper technique for lubing your chain, adjusting your brakes as your pads wear, and adjusting your derailleurs on the fly so your shifting stays crisp and smooth. It’s also a great opportunity to ask an expert mechanic those questions that have been keeping you up at night! The class will take approx. 1.5-2 hours and number of students is limited to 5.
Service - Spoke Replacement
$25.00 - $35.00
Price is based upon the number of spokes that require replacement. Parts not included.
Service - Winterize Package - Level 1
A great way to protect your bike from the elements and to get it ready to ride through the winter. Includes removal, cleaning and re-greasing of the seat-post, stem, quick releases, pedal threads and any bolts inserted in the frame. Also includes lubing cables and chain. Parts not included.
Service - Basket Installation
$8.75 - $30.00
installation of basket on bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Bottom Bracket Shell Facing
Facing the bottom bracket shell ready for bottom bracket installation.
Service - Crank Installation
$12.50 - $30.00
Installation of the crankset on the bicycle. (Identical) - Where the replacement crankset is an exact match for the original.
Service - Cyclometer Installation
$20.00 - $30.00
Installation of a cyclometer on your bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Derailleur Adjustment
$8.75 - $30.00
Get your derailleur shifting correctly. Cables not included on adjustment with cable installation.
Service - Derailleur Installation
The front/rear derailleur is installed on the bicycle.
Service - Fender Installation
$12.50 - $30.00
Installation of fenders on bicycle.
Service - Fork Threading
Where possible the fork will be threaded. Fork removal and re-installation not included. Price per inch of threading.
Service - Generator Light Installation
Installation of a Dynamo light on to your bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Head Tube Facing
Head tube facing to prepare a frame for headset installation.
Service - Hydraulic Brake Bleed
Get your hydraulic brakes bled. Price is per brake and mineral oil/DOT fluid not included.
Service - Rack Installation
$18.75 - $30.00
Installation of rack on bicycle.
Service - Shifter Installation
Shifter installation includes new cable installation. Parts not included.
Service - Tube and/or Tire Installation
$6.25 - $30.00
Installation of tubes and/or tires. Parts not included. Price is per wheel. Non-standard wheels are where additional labour is required to remove the wheel from the bike, e.g. e-bikes, BMX bikes with pegs. Internally geared hub tire/tube installation includes gear adjustment. It is cheaper if you are able to remove the wheel yourself and bring it in separately (Wheel off bike).
Service - Tubeless Tire Installation
Tubless tire installation using sealant. Parts not included.
Service - Wheel Truing
$18.75 - $30.00
Wheel truing is broken up into three categories based on the amount of labour required to get the wheel to a true state. Price is per wheel.
Service - Brake Adjustment
$8.75 - $25.00
Brake adjustment (rim or disc). Parts not included for adjustment with pad/cable installation.
Service - Chain Installation
$12.50 - $25.00
Installation of chain on your bike. Chain not included.
Service - Child Seat Installation
Installation of a child seat on the bicycle.
Service - Classes - Flat Repair
$15.00 - $25.00
Flat tires are a fact of life. You're more likely to bring your bike into a shop for a flat repair than for any other service. In this class we’ll teach you the basics of installing a new tire and tube as well as showing you the proper technique for patching a tube and installing tight tires. The cost of the class includes a basic tube of your choice and a set of tire levers. This course is limited to 10 places. The class will take approx. 1.5 hours and number of students is limited to 10.
Service - Disc Brake Tab Facing
Disc brake facing in preparation for disc brake installation.
Service - Dropout Alignment
Fork dropout alignment.
Service - Flat/Riser Bar Installation
Installation of flat/riser handlebars. Parts not included.
Service - Quill Stem Installation
Quill stem installation. Re-taping not included.