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Service Items

Service - Headset Installation
$30.00 - $45.00
Installation of a headset onto the bicycle.
Service - Headset Overhaul
Includes re-greasing and overhaul of headset to ensure smooth turning.
Service - Hydraulic Brake Bleed
Get your hydraulic brakes bled. Price is per brake and mineral oil/DOT fluid not included.
Service - Safety Check
The Service Safety Check is recommended for bikes that are in working condition but could use a professional inspection to ensure safety and function. Includes quick adjustment of brakes and derailleurs, light wipe down of frame, inspection of frame and components, lubing chain and external moving parts.
Service - Wheel Truing
$20.00 - $45.00
Wheel truing charges vary based on the condition of the wheel. Light Truing includes a lateral adjustments. Medium Truing includes lateral and radial adjustments. Heavy truing includes lateral and radial adjustments in addition to detailed spoke tension adjustments.
Service - Winterize Package - Level 1
A great way to protect your bike from the elements and to get it ready to ride through the winter. Includes removal, cleaning and re-greasing of the seat-post, stem, quick releases, pedal threads and any bolts inserted in the frame. Also includes lubing cables and chain. Parts not included.
Service - Written Estimate
We will provide you with a written estimate for services on you bike, printed on 8x11'' and/or emailed as a PDF file.
Service - Bottom Bracket Thread Chasing
Thread chasing to enable to installation of a bottom bracket.
Service - Child Seat Installation
Installation of a child seat on the bicycle. Listed price is for models that we stock.
Service - Tubeless Tire Installation
Tubless tire installation using sealant. Parts not included.
Service - Brake Installation
$30.00 - $35.00
Installation of brake caliper. Parts not included.
Service - Shifter Installation
Shifter installation includes new cable installation. Parts not included.
Service - Wheel Installation
$25.00 - $35.00
Installation of wheel, price includes transfer of parts from your old wheel and adjustment of your bike's brakes and/or derailleur in order to accommodate the new wheel. Parts not included.
Service - Basket Installation
$15.00 - $30.00
installation of basket on bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Cut Crown Race
If possible, cut or mill the crown race to the desired diameter.
Service - Cyclometer Installation
$20.00 - $30.00
Installation of a cyclometer on your bicycle. Parts not included.
Service - Derailleur Installation
The front/rear derailleur is installed on the bicycle.
Service - Disc Brake Tab Facing
Disc brake facing in preparation for disc brake installation.
Service - Dropout Alignment
Fork dropout alignment.
Service - Flat/Riser Bar Installation
Installation of flat/riser handlebars. Parts not included.
Service - Quill Stem Installation
Quill stem installation. Re-taping not included.
Service - Rack Installation
Installation of rack on bicycle.
Service - Tape Handlebars
Get perfectly wrapped handlebar tape.
Service - Cut Steerer Tube
Cut steerer tube to the desired length. Fork removal and re-installation not included.
Service - Kickstand Installation
Installation of a kickstand on the bicycle.
Service - Threadless Stem Installation
Installation of a threadless stem on the bicycle.
Service - Brake Adjustment
Brake adjustment (rim or disc). Parts not included.
Service - Chain Installation
Installation of chain on your bike. Chain not included. Additional charges may apply for non-standard bikes such as recumbents and tandems.
Service - Cog/Cassette/Freewheel Installation
Installation of your cog/freewheel or cassette on the bicycle wheel. (cog/freewheel/cassette not included)
Service - Derailleur Adjustment
Adjust derailleur correctly. Parts not included.