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Phil Wood

Phil Wood Front Touring/Road hub SIlver
Phil Wood introduced the now-standard Field Serviceable Axle (FSA) in 1991. The FSA design enables the axle to be separated from the hub after unthreading the end caps using two hex wrenches. The quick release axles use a 5 mm hex wrench and the bolt axle hubs use an 8 mm hex wrench. Our axles are threaded externally, with the end caps threaded to exactly match the axle thread. The hubs use shouldered axles that precisely position the bearings. The Field Serviceable Cassette (FSC) design enables you to remove the axle (as in our FSA hubs) and easily perform maintenance on both the hub bearings and the Phil freehub body mechanism. Our freehub body is available in 8,9,10 and 9, 10, 11-speed Shimano compatible. The axles are precision ground to 15 mm in diameter. The hub shells use a unique Hi-Lo flange configuration enabling better balanced spoke tension.
Phil Wood Track Cog
$80.00 - $100.00
Often described as the pinnacle of track cogs. These Phil Wood cogs are hard wearing, light and machined to a n extremely high standard. Available in a huge array of sizes.
Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Wrench
$27.00 - $75.00
Phil Wood uses a proprietary, 18-splined bottom bracket tool. There are two offered sizes. The consumer tool (part BMRTC0) requires the use of an external wrench. The professional shop tool (BMRTS0) has its own handle.
Phil Wood Track Lockring
Phil Wood lockring for all fixed gear cogs.
Phil Wood Waterproof Grease 3oz.
Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is used to pack all our Phil Spec’d bearings for maximum durability. It is tested and has achieved the “premium” lubricant classification by all major bearing manufacturers worldwide.
Phil Wood Phil Spec'd Bearings
$15.00 - $22.00
Phil Wood & Co. is credited with pioneering the first modern production sealed bearing cycling components. Our bearings both standard and low drag carbonyte are manufactured for us to our specifications. We specify the race tolerance, surface honing, ball diameter tolerance, bearing material, gap dimensions, and seal specifications. Standard bearings are 100% filled with Phil Waterproof Grease to ensure maximum durability.
Phil Wood Tenacious Oil 4oz.
Our Tenacious Oil is used for ultimate protection and durability for components that have movement with metal-to-metal contact. Our base oil has been produced for us by the same independent California refinery since 1971. Final blending of rust inhibitor and extreme wear addititves happen at our facility before the product is bottled and shipped.
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