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Parts and Accessories

Catrike Pocket
A Small Space Frame Catrike with big features. It has a narrow track, is quick and lightweight. Perfect for smaller riders.
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Built with a purpose, the Eola features a lightweight space frame, 20-inch wheels and the latest drivetrain technology that creates a nimble and spirited ride. At the heart of the Eola is a SRAM 1 x 11 drivetrain that delivers a full range of gears and flawless performance. Like all Catrikes, it comes with industry-leading features: padded mesh seat, clipless pedals, rear fender, computer sensor mount, locking brake levers, along with a flag and flag holder for increased visibility. With Catrike’s knowledge and experience in manufacturing, the Eola not only has exceptional handling and riding characteristics, it has been engineered for manufacturing and assembly efficiency – assuring value and quality.
Hase Differential
For even better propulsion on poor surfaces and the ultimate off-road experience: Hase's Differential for the Kettwiesel or Lepus transfers the power to both rear wheels.
Hase Pedal Pendulum
The Pedal Pendulum assists those with severely limited range of motion. Reducing knee bend allows you to gain range of motion not possible with a traditional crank arm arrangement. Mounted to a slide adjustable Crank Shortener, the Pedal Pendulum can adjust as changing flexibility develops.
Hase Pedal with Calf Support
$300.00 - $375.00
Aluminum pedal with stainless steel support sections. Padded calf support section and foot strap.
Hase Crank Arm Shortener
The crank shortener reduces the pedal radius. The pedal radius is adjustable, allowing the rider to train leg mobility and increase pedal radius gradually as mobility increases.
Hase Lap Belt
Wide lap belt with attaching buckle.
Hase Pedal with Heel Strap
Aluminum pedal with toe straps and an elastic cable to hold your foot securely. The elastic strap features an easy-grab attachment for removal.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) FB Seat Bracket
The FB bracket - moves the front seat mount backwards for very long legged riders. Note that using this bracket with the hard shell seat will reduce the maximum recline available. Please see our rider size page for more information.
Catrike Computer Sensor Mount
Catrike Computer Sensor Mount. Mounts the computer sensor near the wheel to making it quick and easy to setup your computer.
HP Velotechnik Snake seal All-Weather Kit
The innovative SnakeSeal fits into virtually all standard cable brake levers and effectively protects against the penetration of dirt and moisture into the cable housing. Thus the brake system remains smooth and significantly reduces the risk of the brake cables freezing in winter. The SnakeSeal sealing system replaces the adjusting screw for cable adjustment with M10x1 thread used in most brake levers. Additional weight: just 3 grams.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) 8mm Sealed Ball Joint
Replacement Sealed ball joints for pre 2010 ICE trikes.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Rear Suspension Elastomer
Fits all ICE suspension models from 2007 upwards. The red elastomer is rated 'Medium'.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Swing Arm Bushing Kit
Replacement bushings for ICE swing arm systems.
Hase Supplementary Brake Lever Adapter/Bar Extender
Provides space to mount either an additional brake lever or some other bar mounted item.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Trike Bolt-On Axle
Replacement axles for ICE trikes.
Catrike PTFE Bearing
Replacement bearing for Catrike headsets It fits inside the headset and replaces the top bearing and split crown race and does not require the 70 in/lbs of tension like the original headset with bearings on the top and bottom.
HP Velotechnik Folding Buffer for Gekko
Replacement folding buffer for HP Velotechnik Gekkos.
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