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Flat Bar Shifters

SRAM X0 Grip Shift Rear Shifter
SRAM's X0 10-speed compatible Grip Shift shifters are here to write the next chapter in Grip Shift history. Three rows of ball bearings provide silky-smooth shifts and full metal indexing keeps shifting crisp and precise. They feature an aluminum housing that’s light and strong, and an integrated lock-on grip that provides a seamless transition to the shifter.
Shimano SL-S700 Alfine 11-Speed Trigger Shifter
ALFINE is a stylish, premium-level component group sure to appeal to quality-minded consumers. Premium quality, versatility, and effortless operation define ALFINE. Use the clean look and wide-range gearing of the internal 11-speed hub to travel in style and comfort.
Sturmey-Archer SLS30-B3 3-Speed Bar End Shifter
SLS30 R3B 3 Speed classic ratio thumb shifter with bar end mount. Shifter can be removed and used on braze on down tube mounts
SRAM GX Eagle Trigger Shifter
Of all the components that make up a mountain bike drivetrain, the shifter doesn't exactly get a lot of spotlight time. But, as the rider's literal command and control center, the GX Eagle shifter is more than worthy of recognition. With intuitive thumb actuated triggers, the positive feel gives the right rider input to make shifts crisp and discernible every time. What's more, its already legendary reliability continues for all-day epics and all-time experiences. Plus, it features an aluminum trigger that's ready for inevitable punishment, as well as MatchMakerX compatibility. Precise and durable, it's the hard-working, no-compromise shifter keeping riders in the right gear, every ride. - Aluminum trigger designed for a positive lever feel - Master GX Eagle master colorway to match all cassette and chain colors as part of Eagle Colorsystem - Matchmaker compatible
Sturmey-Archer SLS50-B5 5-Speed Bar End Shifter
SLS50 B5 5 Speed wide ratio thumb shifter with bar end mount. Shifter can be removed and used on braze on down tube mounts
Sturmey-Archer DLS52-R5 5-Speed Trigger Shifter HSJ958
DLS52 R5 5 Speed wide ratio dual lever trigger shifter.
Shimano Deore M6000 Shifter
$50.00 - $55.00
Shimano Deore M6000 shifters feature 2-way release triggers that offer the ability to shift from various riding position. - Ergonomic lever shape and easy lever access - Dyna-Sys10-Speed compatible - Double or Triple: Double, Triple
Microshift ADVENT Trigger Shifter
MicroSHIFT ADVENT Xpress shifters feature ergonomic levers and precise, durable indexing for reliable performance in a variety of situations. - Sealed bearings for extra light shifting, especially when paired with clutch derailleur - Ergonomic trigger placement - Aluminum bracket - Compatible with microSHIFT ADVENT only
SRAM X3 Rear Trigger Shifter (7-speed)
SRAM's X3 shifters feature two-lever trigger shifting performance at a great price. With Exact Actuation 1:1 cable pull ratios, these shifters deliver quick, accurate shifts.
SRAM X4 Front Trigger Shifter
SRAM's X4 shifters feature Exact Actuation 1:1 cable pull ratios for precise, dependable 3-speed front shifting. They deliver SRAM's proven ergonomics and excellent performance at a great price.
Shimano Nexus 7-Speed Revoshift Shifter
$19.99 - $29.00
Nexus SL-C3000 Revoshift easily shifts through 7 gears. - Rotational twist shift action - Improved overall internal geared hub system efficiency
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Nexus Revoshift 3-speed shifter with optical gear display.
Shimano Tourney Revoshift 3x7 Speed Shifters
Shimano's Tourney system is their budget recreational groupset.
Shimano Tourney Revoshift 3x8 Speed Shifters
The Tourney system is Shimano's budget recreational cycling groupset. These Revoshift shifters provide simple, accurate shifting ability at a wallet-friendly price.
SRAM 3.0 Rear Twist Shifter
SRAM's 3.0 Twist Shifters are simple to use and offer solid shifting and reliable construction. Using SRAM's 1:1 actuation ratio technology, the 3.0s are easy to set up and easy to adjust. Plus, with a simple twist of the wrist, you can shift a handful of gears at once.
SRAM MRX Comp Rear Twist Shifter
$13.00 - $20.00
SRAM's MRX Comp Twist Shifters are simple to use and offer solid shifting and reliable construction. They shift a 2:1 Shimano rear derailleur.
Sun Race Downtube Friction Shifters
Whether a replacement or an upgrade these SunRace downtube shifters will have you changing gears all over again. Features a 28.6mm clamp band.
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