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HP Velotechnik Front Boom Quick Adjust
The optional front boom quick adjuster features quick release clamping and excess chain management - perfect if you want to share your Scorpion with your family.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Racer Side Bag
Fits Racer Hardshell seat. Pannier bags with no rack required. 25l capacity.
HP Velotechnik Water Bottle and Cage
$20.00 - $75.00
Great waterbottles from Zefal. The shine-through material lets you see how much more 'fuel you got left. Big opening for easy cleaning. 0,6 Litre volume.
ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) 20
Keep water spray to a minimum with this ICE rear fender. This is the older style fender with three stays instead of four but fits all ICE 20" Suspension trikes.
 Recumbent Trike Bashguard
Compatible with most recumbent trikes this bashguard will keep your chainrings and crankset safe. Works with single and multi-speed cranksets (depending on front derailleur setup).
Catrike Computer Sensor Mount
Catrike Computer Sensor Mount. Mounts the computer sensor near the wheel to making it quick and easy to setup your computer.
 Safety Flag
A two-piece pole with flag designed to fit on to the rear axle. 72" long.
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