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Pletscher Twin Double Leg Kickstand
Simply the best kickstand on the market and an urban and touring cyclists dream. Made in Switzerland, the superb quality Twin Leg Kickstand folds away to one side when not in use, making it one of the few two leg kickstands compatible with derailleur gears.. The Pletscher center stand's wide stance offers great stability when parked, and it's sturdy, lightweight aluminium design doesn't add too much weight, and it's durability ensures years of wobble free use (provided weight limit of 25kg is respected). Comes with two plastic sleeves to protect the chainstays, comes with top plate and longer bolt, fits most steel frames and alloy frames with smaller than usual chainstays. Prevents kickstand from sliding away if your bike doesnt have a kickstand plate. Comes 320mm long, cut to length for shorter bikes.
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