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Chris King Bearing Cap
$20.00 - $44.00
Designed for Chris King's NoThreadSet threadless system and available in 1” and 1 1/8”. Match your current headset color or mix it up for a custom look. What Chris King says about the Griplock system: "Our headsets feature an all-new bearing cap design. GripLock™ is a multi-piece bearing cap that utilizes a split ring that improves steerer tube interface."
Chris King InSet Headset
$200.00 - $220.00
InSet™ is the classic, unbeatable Chris King sealed bearing headset built into six configurations for contemporary bicycle headtube dimensions. As a low-stack style headset, the press-in cups and bearings are housed within the headtube allowing for an overall lower ride height. InSet compatibility can also conform to forks with tapered steerer tubes.
Chris King NoThreadset
$210.00 - $335.00
The NoThreadSet™ features aluminum cups, bearing cap, and stemcap built around our renowned stainless steel sealed bearings. Each NoThreadSet™ includes a stainless steel baseplate and our custom starnut with bolt.
Chris King Stem Cap
Beautiful stem caps machined to Chris King's exacting standards.
Chris King 2Nut
$175.00 - $210.00
2Nut is the preferred headset for anyone using a threaded fork and quill stem in combination with headset spacers and/or a cable hanger. It is a popular headset with cyclocrossers and randonneurs. The 2Nut features stainless steel sealed bearings housed in aluminum upper and lower cups. Adjusting nuts and lock nuts are also made of aluminum.
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