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Nitto RB-021 Pursuit Bars
$80.00 - $85.00
The Nitto RB-021 is the ultimate bullhorn/pursuit bar. Characterized by an aggressive positioning, it has a swift drop and long reach. Extremely stiff aluminum construction allows for a bar that is strong, efficient, and light. In general, the RB-021 is designed for the track racer, the messenger, and the city single-speeder wanting to get better torque and speed out of the bike.
Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bar
$50.00 - $60.00
The Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn handlebar is the ideal replacement for cheap bars that come stock on most bikes these days. Made of high end 6061 T6 aluminum, this ultra-strong handlebar provides a wide range of hand positions and a subtle 40mm drop for a comfortable and quick forward position. Whether riding the center for comfortable spinning or forward for sprints, the Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn bar is the ideal city bar.
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