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Tektro R559 Long Reach Road Caliper Brake
$35.00 - $54.00
Long reach brakes from tektro. These brakes have a 53-71mm reach. Perfect for 27" to 700c conversions!
Tektro R359/R539 Medium Reach Road Caliper Brakes
$35.00 - $50.00
Medium reach brakes from Tektro. Featuring a reach of 47-57mm
Tektro RL-340 Drop Bar Brake Levers
Tektro aero drop-bar brake levers. With forged aluminum light weight construction and ergonomic design. Quick release mechanism on lever blade allows brakes to be loosened for easy tire removal.
Tektro RX-4.1 Brake Levers Reverse Black Pair
The Tektro RX 4.0 Reverse Lever works with caliper or cantilever brakes and include external cable routing. - All reverse levers work with caliper or cantilever brakes - All reverse levers have external cable routing - Fits bar I.D. of 19-21mm
Tektro CR710 Cantilever Brake
Low profile cantilever brakes from Tektro, featuring dual tension screws plus an additional adjustment barrel for hassle-free set up.
Tektro 1277A Fork Mount Cable Hanger
$16.00 - $25.00
Fork crown cable hanger with integrated cable barrel adjuster. Mounting the front brake cable housing stop on the fork crown rather than on the steerer tube reduces and in most cases eliminates fork shudder under braking. Incorporates a threaded cable barrel adjuster.
Tektro 926AL Mini V-Brake
Mini V-Brake calipers compatible with road-pull brake levers. 80mm arm length.
Tektro Tektro 985A Brake BMX Sidepull Caliper Brake
Tektro long reach melt forged aluminum brake caliper. 70-85mm reach Reversible cable pinch bolt
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