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Bottom Brackets

Chris King ThreadFit 24 Steel
Our ThreadFit 24 bottom bracket is designed and built to be durable, serviceable, and silent. Manufactured to create a precise and functional interface between your frame’s bottom bracket shell and your cranks to ensure that your cranks will spin lightly and without interference. We have developed a range of conversion kits that allow our ThreadFit 24 to be used with a wide selection of road and mountain bike cranks. - Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA - 5-year built-to-last warranty - Legendary made-in-house bearings - Responsibly lightweight - Easily serviceable with our integrated grease injection system - Find your fit with our required conversion kits - Ceramic bearing upgrade available
Chris King Press fit Bottom Bracket
Press Fit BBs will gives customers the same performance, serviceability, and dependability that they have come to expect from every Chris King product.
Campagnolo Chorus Cartridge Bottom Bracket
Compatible only with Record or Chorus square taper cranks. Features three cartridge bearings and a chromoly steel spindle. - 3 sealed cartridge bearings, 2 on the drive side, 1 on the non-drive side - Removable cups are machined from 7000 series aluminum - Unique taper is not compatible with Shimano - Weight: 220 grams
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. BB30 Outboard Angular Contact Bottom Bracket
The Wheels Mfg BB30 Outboard bottom bracket will give you all of the same benefits as their other Outboard style BBs. The two machined aluminum cups thread together ensuring the bottom bracket remains stable in the frame, increasing bearing life, and simplifying maintenance. This means no more creaking, smoother operation, longer bearing life, and really quick bearing replacement. Specifically designed for installing 24mm spindle diameter cranks (Shimano, FSA, Etc.) in BB30 frames without the need for adapters. - Bearings: Enduro Angular Contact - Color: Red - Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: BB30, Specialized Alloy OSBB - Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 68mm - 73mm - Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 42mm - Crank Spindle Type: Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA MegaExo, RaceFace EXI - Crank Spindle Diameter: 24mm - Weight: 127g
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. BB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket
Why choose a Wheels Mfg BB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket? Eliminates the need for adapters. USA machined aluminum shell is superior in function and durability to plastic. Double lip seals on all bearings with high fill rate of top quality grease, appropriate for use in bottom brackets. Threaded design eliminates creaking. Serviceable bearings. Dual silicone exterior seal keeps the gunk out for long life. Unique co-op opportunity with Enduro bearings allows us exclusive use of their bearing technology. Combined with our superior US based machining = really good BB!
Interloc Racing Design ScramJet Hybrid Ceramic Bottom Bracket
$130.00 - $145.00
The IRD ScramJet incorporates a hybrid ceramic bearing system. This is a cartridge system that involves a single ceramic ball with the remaining balls being steel. These are encased within steel races. Don’t confuse these with “other” hybrid ceramic bearing systems that use all ceramic balls with steel races. Steel ball bearings have advantages over ceramic other than just cost. They stronger than ceramic thus have higher load ratings. Ceramic balls are much harder than steel balls, but this also means they are more brittle, thus their lower load ratings than steel bearings. The Scram-jet was built with strength and durability as its design goal. The Scram-jet combines the strength of steel and uses the hardness of ceramic to extend the bearing life of the stronger steel. When a contaminate enters, the extremely hard ceramic ball will pulverize it rendering it harmless within the bearing system. Furthermore, if the race has been damaged by sand or any other contaminant the extremely hard ceramic ball will cold work the steel race; contingently polishing it with every rotation, actually repairing the surface. Although this might seem too magical to believe, many other industries use this technology to dramatically increase bearing life by several times. They are sometimes referred to as self healing bearings. • Aluminum cups and sleeve. Sleeve is expandable to fit shells 68mm to 100mm • Self-cleaning Hybrid Ceramic Technology • 5-year warranty on bearings • English threading • Fits 24mm axle cranks from Shimano, Race Face, FSA, etc. • Anodized Red sleeve w/ Black or High-Polished Silver Cups • Made in Japan by Tange-Seiki
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. Threaded Road Angular Contact Bottom Bracket
$100.00 - $110.00
External English (BSA) threaded road bottom bracket for 68mm shells. Wheels Mfg uses only Enduro bearings and silicone seals for the most durable and smoothest bottom brackets available. Fully serviceable. Includes: (2) - Enduro Silicone dust seals (1) - 2.5mm aluminum BB cup spacer (2) - 0.5mm crank spindle spacers (2) - 1.0mm crank spindle spacers Direct replacement for SRAM/Truvativ GXP bottom brackets! - Bearings: Enduro Angular Contact - Color: Gray - Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: ISO/English or BSA Threaded (1.37 in x 24 TPI) - Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 68mm - Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 33.6-33.9 mm - Crank Spindle Type: GXP (SRAM, Truvativ, Etc.) - Crank Spindle Diameter: 22/24mm - Weight: 111g
Praxis Works Conversion Bottom Bracket
$95.00 - $107.00
Best described by the Praxis Works website itself: "Designed to be a proper BB for installing Shimano™ Hollowtech II cranks in either BB30, PF30, or Specialized’s OSBB frames. Our patent pending design keeps the cartridge bearings outboard of the frame right on Shimano™ spec for greater rigidity and free of frame/c-clip tolerance issues that other systems deal with. Simply press in the longer non-drive-cup, then the shorter drive cup threads into it. As the drive cup threads in, our trademark Collet system expands to a precise limit evenly dispersing pressure for a super tight fit. With both cups connected and our collet set exactly to spec, there is no chance the bearings can come out of alignment or wiggle/walk out of the frame. This design also uses a compressible o-ring on the non-drive side cup to compensate for frame shell width discrepancies."
Velo Orange Grand Cru Threadless Bottom Bracket
Grand Cru threadless bottom brackets fit most frames, even those with Swiss threading. And they work on frames with damaged BB shells, even if the existing threading is totally stripped. Unlike previous attempts at threadless BBs, this new design is "internally expanding". As the adjustable cup is tightened, the silver sleeve (see photo) is pushed up the tapered alloy cups, expanding and locking in the BB. This differs from older designs, like the Mavic, that pressed in from the outside and would sometimes slip. Installation requires only a traditional-style BB spanner or a pin wrench. The BB shell does not require chamfering or facing; simply slip the BB into the shell and tighten. It is easily removed and existing threads may be reused. Like the other Grand Cru BBs, these have sealed cartridge bearings, so they require no servicing and should have a very long life. Taper is JIS. So far, we have tried these on British, French, and Swiss BB shells and they work perfectly. Customers report that they also work in Raleigh frames with a 71mm wide BB shell. These BB's won't work on mountain bikes, as their standard width (73mm) is too wide for the shell to expand. They do not work on Italian threaded BB shells because those have a wider ID.
FSA MegaExo Bottom Bracket Cupset
$80.00 - $95.00
- Left and right bottom bracket cups with standard bearings for FSA MegaExo cranks - BB-9050 is for 24mm spindle 68/73mm MTB K-Force and Team Issue cranks - BB-8681 for K-Force Light (a non-ceramic option) and SLK Light Road MegaExo cranks (BB-8681 bearing covers have been redesigned so that the spindle now rides directly on the bearing itself) - BB-7000 is for 24mm spindle 68/73mm shell MTB Gravity Lite, Moto X and Afterburner cranks - BB-7000 is for 24mm spindle 83mm shell MTB Gravity Lite cranks - BB-6200 is for 24mm spindle 68mm shell Energy, Gossamer and Omega No Bolt Design cranks - BB-6000 is for 24mm spindle 68mm shell Energy, Gossamer and Omega cranks - BB-4000 is for 19mm spindle 69mm shell Omega cranks - BB-1000 is for 19mm spindle 68/73mm MTB Gamma cranks - 1.37" x 24tpi (English threads) or M36 x 24tpi (Italian threads)
FSA BB386EVO-68mm Threaded Adapter Bottom Bracket
- Enables the use of a BB386EVO (30mm spindle) crankset on a 68mm English threaded frame
Shimano 105 Octalink Bottom Bracket
$65.00 - $85.00
Shimano's V1 compatible octalink bottom bracket. Recommended for V1 spline-compatible cranksets only. Not compatible with V2 or ISIS splined systems. Compatible with splined V1 Shimano Dura Ace®, Ultegra®, 105® and XTR® 22mm 8-splined hollow systems. Large diameter pipe billet spindle. Sealed Cartridge bearings. Splined spindle ends for increased joint strength.
Origin8 Torqlite Square-Taper Bottom Bracket
$50.00 - $65.00
Pedal smoothly and steadily with Origin-8's Torqlite Square-Taper Bottom Bracket. The forged aluminum body and cups are light and tough, the CNC'd hollow-chromoly spindle is stiff and shaves more grams, and the sealed bearings are super smooth and durable.
SRAM GXP Team Bottom Bracket
$50.00 - $65.00
Get the most out of SRAM's high-tech cranksets with the GXP Team Bottom Bracket. Built to last, this super-smooth bottom bracket lets your SRAM GXP crankset (sold separately) spin effortlessly without weighing you down.
Shimano BB-ES51 Octalink V2 Bottom Bracket
$53.00 - $64.00
Shimano BB-ES51 Octalink V2 Bottom Brackets - Fits Shimano Octalink V2 Spline Cranksets - Crankarm fixing bolts not included
TruVativ Giga Pipe Team SL Bottom Bracket
Striking the balance between light weight, long life and durability, TruVativ's Giga Pipe Team SL Bottom Bracket uses 3 sealed cartridge bearings to provide smooth pedaling season after season. For serious strength, the Giga Pipe boasts CNC-machined aluminum cups and a stiff chromoly spindle, too.
Shimano Ultegra Bottom Bracket
$44.00 - $60.00
Shimano's Ultegra bottom bracket uses Pro Tour-proven technology for lighter weight and super smooth spinning, while still maintaining the same level of durability and stiffness. It's available in English, Italian, or Press Fit models.
Interloc Racing Design QB55 JIS Bottom Bracket
$45.00 - $52.00
- High quality sealed cartridge bearings with steel cups - Traditional square JIS 2-degree taper crank-arm interface - 68/73mm English (BC1.37 x 24tpi - RH/LH). Compatible with IRD retrofit cups (sold separately), RD-419
Shimano UN55 Square Taper Bottom Bracket
A good quality bottom bracket for traditional chainsets with super-accurate bearings for smooth operation and improved durability. The BB is also durable, hard-wearing sealed cartridge bottom bracket with square tapered spindle fitting.
Shimano UN55 Square Taper English Threaded Bottom Bracket
Shimano's BB-UN55 Square Spindle Bottom Brackets are the unofficial standard for English-threaded cartridge bottom brackets. Quality, value, and durability come together to keep you cranking for many, many miles. - Fits JIS Square-Taper Cranksets - Hollow spindle - Crankarm fixing bolts not included
Sunlite SL-55 BB
$40.00 - $42.00
- Forged steel body - Alloy cups - Chromoly spindle - Sealed bearings - Interface: English - Spindle Type: Square Taper JIS - Weight: 290-300 grams
 Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert
Eccentric bottom bracket insert allowing the use of internally geared hubs, single speed or fixed gear set-ups on bikes with horizontal dropouts without the use of a chain tensioner. To fit a CrMo BB Shell with the dimensions: 59.9mm outside diameter x 61mm wide with inside diameter 55.63mm Aluminum Eccentric bottom bracket dimensions: 54.75mm outside diameter with a relief cut to 61mm body width. The BB boss extends out from the 61mm dimension to the full 68mm BB assembly width.
Chris King ThreadFit 24 Conversion Kit #10
All of Chris King's bottom bracket offerings will need an appropriate Conversion Kit specific to the brand and model of crankset to be used. - 68mm Threaded BB Shell - 24mm Mountain Cranksets - Common Cranks: Shimano mountain, FSA mountain, FSA SLK Light, Gravity, Race Face mountain, Rotor, Surly - Conversion Kit required to work with the Chris King ThreadFit 24 bottom bracket
Chris King PressFit 30 Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit
Chris King's Bottom Bracket Conversion Kits make sure that you can match up your frame with your cranks, all while enjoying the super smooth performance of King's in-house stainless steel bearings. These adapters are compatible with frames that feature a Press Fit 30 bottom bracket.
TruVativ Bottom Bracket Adapter American to European
Use this kit to convert an American or Ashtabula one-piece bottom bracket to the European or English threaded bottom bracket. Allows you to totally upgrade your old bottom bracket to a much more modern variety. Adds flexibility when doing restorations or rebuilds.
Sunlite One-Piece Bottom Bracket Cup Set
This one piece bottom bracket cup set contains everything you need to replace your existing one piece bottom bracket.
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