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 Crown Race Seat
Thinking of building a bike from the ground up? At some point you'll need a crown race seat. Cro-Moly steel with a 27.0mm seat diameter.
 Braze-On Housing Stopper
Bike parts for the serious bike builder. Cro-Moly single housing stopper.
 Braze-on Triple Housing Stopper
Bike parts for the serious bike builder. Cro-Moly triple housing stopper.
 Cotter Pins
$2.00 - $4.00
- Includes washer & Nylok nut - Sold individually
 Braze-On STI Housing Stopper
Bike parts for the serious bike builder. Threaded for an M5 barrel adjuster.
 Derailleur Ear
Converts a direct attachment rear derailleur (where it bolts directly into the frame) to a bracket attachment (where the rear derailleur attaches at the rear dropouts). Only compatible with semi-horizontal rear dropouts.
 Slow-Release Seatpost Collar
$8.00 - $10.00
Keep your seat safe with an allen key seatpost collar. Safer than standard quick-release models.
 Safety Flag
A two-piece pole with flag designed to fit on to the rear axle. 72" long.
 Quill Stem Adapter
$14.00 - $15.00
 Replacement Crank Arm
$15.00 - $17.00
Replacement square taper cranks. Aluminum construction.
 Black/Silver Handlebars
$17.00 - $20.00
Basic handlebars which do the job! Aluminum construction and available in black or silver. Picture is just for reference. Finish may be matte or polished, please specify.
 Saddle Saver Security Bolts
$18.00 - $23.00
Replace your standard saddle or seatpost clamp bolts with these security versions for maximum theft protection. They are available in most common sizes and lengths. Seatpost Bolts - These attach your seat to the seatpost. M8 is common for single-bolt seatposts and M5/M6 is common on double-bolt seatposts. Seatpost Binder Bolts - Attach onto the frame providing protection for both the seatpost and saddle.
 Black/Silver Seatpost
At Urbane Cyclist we pride ourselves on having many different hard-to-find items. This includes a wide range of different sized seatposts. From 25.0 to 31.8. We have seatposts in the following sizes: 25.0 | 25.4 | 25.6 | 25.8 | 26.0 | 26.2 | 26.4 | 26.6 | 26.8 | 27.0 | 27.2 | 27.4 | 28.6 | 29.0 | 29.2 | 29.4 | 29.6 | 29.8 | 30.0 | 30.2 | 30.4 | 30.6 | 30.8 | 30.9 | 31.6 | 31.8
 Fibrefix Spoke
Fiberfix Spoke replaces spokes on any wheel. Handy case and instructions are provided. No freewheel removal required. Spoke wrench included. Works on front or rear wheel. Kevlar is stronger than steel. It's perfect for mountain biking and long distance touring.
26'' fork - For cantilever or v-brake - Length : 10in - Thread : 7in - Diameter : 1in - Black - Stem: 22.2mm compatible
 7075-T6 Track Chainring 1/8th 110 BCD
$30.00 - $65.00 $65.00 54% Off
Urbane's own 7000 series aluminum chainrings are the perfect upgrade to any single-speed or fixed gear bicycle. Light weight but incredibly strong the 7075 provides excellent value for money.
 Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert
Eccentric bottom bracket insert allowing the use of internally geared hubs, single speed or fixed gear set-ups on bikes with horizontal dropouts without the use of a chain tensioner. To fit a CrMo BB Shell with the dimensions: 59.9mm outside diameter x 61mm wide with inside diameter 55.63mm Aluminum Eccentric bottom bracket dimensions: 54.75mm outside diameter with a relief cut to 61mm body width. The BB boss extends out from the 61mm dimension to the full 68mm BB assembly width.
 Recumbent Trike Bashguard
Compatible with most recumbent trikes this bashguard will keep your chainrings and crankset safe. Works with single and multi-speed cranksets (depending on front derailleur setup).
49N Trekking Bars
Otherwise known as Butterfly bars these handlebars offer many different hand positions for the dedicated rider. Originally designed for long distance touring duty where multiple grip locations allowed riders to rest their hands it's versatility has seen the style move into commuting and general riding circles.
Alhonga Caliper Brake Set (Non-Recessed Bolt)
$30.00 - $45.00
Caliper brakes for older bikes with non-recessed brake mounts. Single pivot medium reach, dual pivot long reach.Uses a 6mm bolt and nut with washers to attach. An effective but economical upgrade to older rims brakes on vintage bikes. Medium Reach - 47-52mm Long Reach - 57-73mm
All-City Tensioner Bolts
All-City replacement bolts and adjustment springs for the Hennepin Bridge and Space Horse dropouts. - Sold as a pair; two bolts and two springs - M4x0.7mm thread - Length: 45mm
All-City 314 Messenger Chainring 130BCD 1/8th
$70.00 - $75.00
The 314 Messenger ring is manufactured from the same high grade 7000 series alloy as the 612 Track ring but features the popular 130 BCD. Maybe you already own a "messenger" crankset and need a ring that won't cost you an arm and a leg, or maybe you've got a road crankset that you're converting to single or fixed use. Either way the 314 is perfect for the application.
All-City 612 Track Crank
The 612 Track Crank is an extremely stiff and strong 144mm BCD track crank. It’s at home as much on the busy avenues of your city as it is on the boards of the velodrome. All-City sweats the details, so the 612 (Minneapolis’ area code) is cold-forged, resulting in a tight grain structure. The upshot is that it’s strong, which means more riding and less worries for you. It utilizes the classic JIS square taper spindle and comes with a color-matched, 46-tooth, 1/8th chainring.  - Recommended Spindle Length: 110mm - Spindle Interface Type: square taper JIS - Bolt Pattern: 5-bolt - BCD: 144mm - Chain Compatibility: 1/2-inch x 1/8-inch - Weight: 726g w/ ring and bolts - Bottom bracket and retaining bolts not included
Avid BB7 2008 And Later Pad Adjuster Knob Service Parts Kit
Adjusting Knob for 2008 and Newer Avid BB7 disc brakes
Avid Disc Brake Pads (Code)
To keep your Avid brakes functioning properly, check your pads for wear and replace them when necessary. Organic compound pads are softer for quieter braking and increased modulation, while metallic pads dissipate heat better and last a bit longer. Two pads, one retraction spring and a mounting bolt are included (enough for one brake) in each pad set. And, choose an aluminum backing plate if you're really counting the grams.
Avid FR-5 Brake Levers
Stiff, light and beautiful, Avid's FR-5 Brake Levers deliver excellent speed control and a great feel. They're compatible with linear-pull and mechanical-disc brakes. And, they also feature adjustable reach and are made to bend not break in the event of a crash.
Avid IS Disc Brake Adaptor
- Includes stainless bolts - Fits 160mm front and 140mm rear rotors
Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers
Stiff, light and beautiful, Avid's Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers deliver excellent speed control and a great feel for your linear-pull or mechanical-disc brakes. And, they also feature adjustable reach for maximum hand comfort and are made to bend, not break, in the event of a crash. Plus, by turning Avid's Speed Dial knob, you can precisely tune the feel of your brakes any time without tools.
Avid BB7 MTN Cable Disc Brake Caliper
The industry standard cable-actuated disc brake since its introduction is still popular due to smooth ball bearing operation and ease of installation and maintenance. - All calipers have 74mm mounting bolt spacing - For use with long cable-pull levers - Pad retraction and spring tension are adjustable - Includes steel-backed sintered pads - Brake Caliper Type: Post Mount - Brake Lever Actuation: Long Pull - Hub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt - Rotor Included: No
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