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Early Rider Belter
Early Rider's most rewarding bike was one of the hardest to develop. At a little over 5.5kgs the Belter sets the standard. It's worth bearing in mind that every kilo on a 3 year olds' bike is the equivalent of 4 or 5 on an adult bike. At 5kgs lighter than most 16" bikes, that's a big difference to a child. It's not just the weight however, everything is designed low rolling resistance. The high thread count' high psi tyres, the cartridge bearing hubs and even bespoke full bearing aluminium pedals all play a part. But it is the Belt drive that steals the show, a belt will never stretch like a chain, it'll never be gunked up by dirt and grease and it will be as good the day your kid has finished with it as the day they first rode it and parents dont have to worry about maintaining it.
Louis Garneau Petit Louis 16
The Petit Louis 16 is a modern kids’ bike with a lightweight aluminum frame that offers extreme versatility. A single speed platform provides extreme durability and simplicity. Durable brakes matched with 16" wheels and slick tires make this a great bike for riding on pavement and paths with confidence. Grab a Petit Louis 16 today and let your child experience the thrills that we all know and love so much!
Louis Garneau Petit 20
$345.00 $430.00 20% Savings
The Petit Queen and Petit Louis 20 are modern bikes with lightweight aluminum frames that offer extreme versatility. A 1x7 drivetrain makes riding around the hills a breeze, and durable brakes matched with 20" wheels and slick tires make this a great bike for riding on pavement and paths with confidence.
Early Rider Classic
Early Rider's flagship wooden bike. With it's slackened head tube, wide rear tire, longer wheel base and low center of gravity, the Classic makes for an incredibly stable bike capable of nurturing the most inexperienced rider. The larger frame, 14" front wheel, comfortable ride and drop dead good looks means this is also a bike your kid's going to want to stay on for a long time to come. The ability to support a child when they are younger and less inexperienced as well as when they are older and bigger is a key benefit of the Classic.
Louis Garneau Rapido 203
$175.00 - $220.00 $220.00 Up To 20% Savings
While the Rapido is great for any paved surfaces, it's also a great starter bike to begin the off-road journey. The Rapido 203 is a great all-around 20" kids’ bike. With only one speed and a high-tensile steel frame, the Rapido 203 will take whatever your little tike can throw at it.
Early Rider Lite
$160.00 $220.00 27% Savings
At only 3.2kgs, this bike is super lightweight and easy for the younger or less physical kids to manage. A more upright head tube angle, shortish wheel base and slimmer tire means that when the restricted steering setting is off this is a fast, nimble bike that's a tonne of fun to ride too.
Early Rider Alley Runner
$20.00 $245.00 92% Savings
The elegant AR frame gets a run out on 14" wheels. Gone is the extra wheelbase that helps the youngest cope with early instability. The 29er geometry is more responsive and more maneuverable. This is the age that a rider will get the most out of the low friction cartridge bearing hubs and free moving integrated headset. The proportions of the AR14 geometry ooze style. Complimented by the faux brown leather riveted saddle, carbon handlebars and carbon seat post and you have as good as it gets on a production balance bike. All in at 3.6kgs too, that's less than many 12" balance bikes. The perfect ride to precede the Belter.
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