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Schmidt Son 28 Dynamo Hub Polished Silver
$432.00 - $434.00
SON 28 is designed for wheels from size 26" to 700c. It is the recommended unit, if a maximum power output is necessary at low speed, such as when using a halogen headlight or charging batteries. Since 2000, more than 70,000 units have been sold, which have established the SON's good reputation as the most solid & durable hub dynamo on the market. The first pressure equalization system, was realised in SON 28 in 2002 & now protects all types of SON efficiently from ingress of water.
Shutter Precision PD-8/PV-8 Dynamo Hub
$230.00 - $260.00
Generate your own power for a front or rear light with the PD-8 Dynamo Front Hub. With a dynamo hub, such as the PD-8 from Shutter Precision, and an appropriate light, batteries and plug in charging are a thing of the past. The PD-8 uses a high grade NdFeB permanent magnet to generate power as your front wheel spins. Its particular design achieves 72% efficiency at 15km/hr (more efficient than any comparable dynamo hub) from a package that is both very lightweight (410 grams claimed) and good looking. With an output of 6V3W the PD-8 meets the internationally recognized StVZO German requirements (approval number K845) and is compatible with 6-bolt disc brake rotors. A wheel built up around a dynamo front hub is the perfect addition for a self-sufficient cyclist. Whether for extended tours, trips to lonely forest roads, or urban commuting, worrying about your light failing at the least opportune moment is a thing of the past, because as long as you're moving you generate all the power you need. The Shutter Precision PD-8 Dynamo Front Hub is available in Black, Silver, and Red. 32 hole. 6-bolt disc brake. 410 grams.
Busch & Muller Busch & Müller IQ-X Dynamo Front Light
This is the brightest dynamo powered bicycle headlight at 100 lux. The new optical system produces a smoother distribution of light on the road than any other headlight. The housing is anodized aluminum and acts as the heat sink for the LED. Available in either silver anodized or black anodized finish. The IQ-X has a standlight, as well as daytime running lights. Automatic switching between daytime and nighttime modes. The Senso/Off pushbutton switch is at the back of the IQ-X, surrounded by a glowing blue ring. The IQ-X always provides the ideal headlight beam; straight ahead in daylight so that oncoming car drivers are alerted to your presence, changing over at dusk to a beam optimized for illuminating the road surface ahead, but still providing high visibility to oncoming drivers. The IQ-X ships with its own highly adjustable mount, and is compatible with other Busch & Müller headlight mounts. For most applications the included mount will work. For bikes with limited clearance under the bottom headset cup or with cantilever brakes, use either the CYO or Thorn mount listed below. The IQ-X is reversible and can be used in "upright" or "upside-down"(i.e. hanging from the mounting point, as it might be on a front rack) orientation.
Busch & Muller Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus LED Dynamo Head Light
700% brighter than required by StVZO (German road traffic regulations). IQ reflector with indirect light source: Maximum consistent illumination, double lighting area. Busch & Muller create amazing dynamo and battery lights to amazingly high standards. The Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus features an indirect lightsource for maximum consistent illumination. The Senso system automatically activates the entire lighting system when the hub dynamo is in operation and the Plus system features a standlight with condenser.
Shimano Alfine DH-S701 Dynamo Hub
$135.00 - $150.00
The Alfine DH-S701 is one of the first 1.5 watt (6 volt) hub dynamos with German StVZO approval for LED lamps. It combines filigree appearance, light weight (only 433g in comparison the DH-3N80 weighs 490g) and extremely smooth rotation (40% smoother than DH-3N80) in proven Shimano quality. Furthermore the dynamo has a center lock brake disc mount. So the DH-S701 is the perfect choice to combine efficient power generation, comfort and safety. The overvoltage protector helps not to blow up any light bulbs and guarantees a safe and bright way.
Busch & Muller Busch & Muller Lumotec Eyc N Plus Dynamo Front Light
An excellent dynamo light in a very small package! Only 5 cm long and weighing only 70g, The Eyc is plenty bright for spirited riding on dark roads. 50 lux and great IQ2 optics gives you good visibility at a distance, but also excellent near-field illumination of the road ahead. The Eyc N Plus has a simple on/off switch and a stand light that shines when you stop (like at a stop light). It glows for several minutes and is a significant safety feature.
Panasonic/Sanyo H27 Dynamo Hub
This 6 volt dynamo hub s perfect for getting a dynamo light setup on a budget. Sealed bearings provide long, maintenance free spinning. The Sanyo hub does create some drag and as such we would generally advise using this hub for town bikes rather than speed-orientated bikes.
Busch & Muller Secula Fender Mounted Taillight
A modern taillight for mounting on your bike’s rear fender. Powered by a generator (not included), the Secula’s LED illuminates a ring around the reflector, which creates a diffuse light that is easier on the eye of cyclists following behind you, yet it’s no less visible from a distance. The standlight ensures that you remain visible when you stop. The light incorporates a reflector. It is not grounded against the fender, so you need to run two wires. Made in Germany. 2 year warranty.
Busch & Muller Toplight Plus Line Small Taillight
The smallest and most compact dynamo powered taillight available, but don't be fooled by it's size, it meets all the requirements for brightness under the German road traffic regulations. The mounting holes are 50mm apart, just like most other Busch & Müller taillights. The single LED glows bright red, so don't be fooled by the clear lens. And the optics in the lens spreads the red light across the width of the lens, so the driver behind you sees a lot more than just a point source of light. This has a standlight, so it will stay lit for several minutes after you stop. This light should only be wired to a front 2.4 watt dynamo headlight.
Busch & Muller Taillight Bracket for Rear Racks with Single Hole
This bracket allows you to convert your current single-hole rack to a mount capable of taking Busch & Muller's range of excellent tail lights.
Busch & Muller Headlight Bracket for Lumotec
This bracket mounts on to a 1-1/8th headset to provide mounting for any Busch & Muller Lumotec headlight.
Busch & Muller Taillight Clamp for Seat Post Binder
This bracket allows you to attach your Busch & Muller taillight to the seat post binder bolt.
Panasonic/Sanyo Plastic Connector for Headlight Wire to Hub Terminals
Replacement plastic connector for headlight wire to hub terminals.
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